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Hatch should open when next-to-last survivor is put on death hook, not after the sacrifice completes



  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,221

    I'd prefer to be killed on hook, than slugged for 3:59 first while they find the last person to avoid being cheesed out of a 4k.

    Also, abandoning your teammates so you can camp the hatch should not receive buffs.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,086

    Because you really want survivors hiding in random place till you dc or find them, huh? (Response to Drunky26)

    I see more people saying they’re quitting over killer issues or dcs. (Response to ASmartMonkeyy)

  • MissKitty95MissKitty95 Member Posts: 246

    I had a game the other day I did 3 gens I don’t no no what everyone else was doing I was on my 4th I had unhooked everyone ,I had been Chased but not hooked they couldn’t get get they all died I think I deserve hatch lol from all the work I did To survive but no he had noed and the doors were same side greatest game ever XD

  • JopiumJopium Member Posts: 39

    No it’s dang near every killer runs BBQ. They will always get hatch before it actually opens. We had this really good survivor was down across the killer left them on the floor to find the other survivor which he did I mean it’s a doctor not to hard right the survivor on the floor crawled and found the hatch and was laying on it the killer hooks the survivor and BBQ it back to the person the floor hatch didn’t open the whole sacrifice had to go thru. Never had a chance

  • bonsaibeardbonsaibeard Member Posts: 31
  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 695

    First, its still not a free escape. Second, the game would become very boring otherwise, because after the first death (which can come fast with people suiciding on first hook) the game could be essencialy over. The hatch gives an incentive to survivors to keep playing, because there is still a chance for at least one to survive, while you of course try to save them all.

    Would you like games ending after the first hook?

  • BigBubsBigBubs Member Posts: 1,131

    It's fine the way it is.

  • ChriskoChrisko Member Posts: 119

    ...Says the person playing killer (who has all the advantages currently regarding the hatch). I understand why you would think so...

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    lol absolutely not

  • ChriskoChrisko Member Posts: 119

    There is a difference of maybe 5 seconds between when the entity death animation starts for the next-to-last survivor (on hook) and when the hatch opens.

    5 seconds faster for hatch is not absurd...just everything else in Entity's post.

    I would guess that any suggestion which addresses a survivor issue would be viewed as absurd to Entity.

  • ChriskoChrisko Member Posts: 119

    As it stands, the hunt for the hatch currently favors the killer in several ways. See the orig post for the list.

    I have had many matches where i found the hatch first but it was not yet open (btw the death animation and hatch opening) I had to sit there and watch the killer walk over to the hatch, wait for it to open and then close it.

    I found the hatch before the killer but because the hatch doesn't open until after the complete sacrifice animation is done, all advantage goes to the killer.

    Not to mention the EGC is killer sided...and the gate spawn is usually killer sided (too close to one another)

    So i believe that the argument could be made for the hatch opening a few secs sooner.

  • ChriskoChrisko Member Posts: 119

    Final thoughts...

    Regarding your saying "Because it [hatch] opening a 'few seconds earlier' would basically skew it wildly into Survivor favor"

    Why I believe the hatch currently favors the Killer:

    1. Killer has faster movement speed (sometimes a lot faster depending on killer).
    2. As the killer you get to move easily around the map with no worry and look for the hatch. Once the hatch spawns, there is a higher chance that the killer will run across it before the final survivor does.
    3. The survivor has to worry about the killer finding them so they can't move freely (especially when they are the last one).
    4. Killer gets FREE time (from the initial death hook) to look for the hatch or get to the hatch without it opening in order to close it.

    And yes...I do agree with you that I "just want it to open sooner to guarantee my escape." because I would escape more if the hatch were open sooner. AND I would escape less once it is closed.

    As soon as the Killer and I are moving around looking for the hatch, If I get to the hatch first, I should not have to wait for an animation to complete and have Mr. Killer beating me on the head.

    Whomever gets to the hatch first wins the hatch. THAT is BALANCE! Not wild survivor favor.

    Great discussion! Thanks Entity While I do disagree with you on some points I do respect your points and opinion.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,461

    We need to give killers more of a reason to hook, no killer is ever going to want to hook the third survivor if they know it immediately puts the last remaining survivor at an advantage

  • VIleVIle Member Posts: 75

    I've given up playing in large because of issues like this.

    I've even found the hatch by chance as 3rd survivor was hooked, and Trapper marched his ass clear across the map, to the hatch, i was standing at, an he was able to close it as it opened before I could click to exit. We were both standing at it. I was there first. I looked at him. He looked at me. I was already clicking frantically to leave And he was still able to close it. Then down me. Then hook me. 1st hook, last hook.

    I've worked my tail off doing totems, doing gens, unhooking, taking protection hits and healing. I Pip and even double pip most of the matches played and remain in red ranks. However, all this can still make for a poor game experience when your other 3 survivors are potato goo, keep getting hooked, sandbagging each other, falling for the obvious insidious Leatherface in the basement and dying all before I even get hooked once. Only for the killer to find and close the hatch,snap it shut and stand between the exit gates that are conveniently both in eye shot waiting for me to surrender, making all the work I put into that match pointless because there is ZERO chance at escape.

    And now that you don't even get struggle points OR a chance to self unhook because who wants to wait for people to die for the match to end amirite? I play even less. (But Gen-rushing makes the game 'too fast' yeahok)

    To me the matches have become the equivalent of going to the butcher and choosing a prime cut of beef, bringing it home, marinading it over night, carefully cooking it on the grill to perfection, letting it sit and rest for just the right time... AND THROWING IT OUT THE DARNED WINDOW.

    It's a waste of time and effort and if I can't get out in any way, ever now, why not just have the last survivor hook themselves, save us all the time and effort and just end the game there.

    The changes keep taking and taking and taking and it does nothing to balance the game or even help with QOL.

    Constructive ideas:

    Have a chest spawn randomly on the map with a key to reopen the hatch

    Have survivors no longer leave scratch marks once the 3rd survivor is sacrificed.

    Have the doors spawn a reasonable distance apart from each other (AKA One should not be able to stand at one door and see the other dang door clear as day. (BIG BRAIN idea i know)

    Have the hatch become first come first serve. Killer gets to hatch zone first Killer can close. Survivor rolls up on hatch first well they get to escape.

    People are still going to camp hatch, just like killers still camp face. Not sure what can be done about either, maybe loud loud loud SFX? Have the hatch BLAST its wooshy sound so both killer and survivor know where it is, and for face camping, some sort of circus music :D

    I'm not demanding the hatch, I'm not entitled to the hatch, but i'm saying there's some very imbalanced stuff happening in regards to it that it seriously needs looked into.

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,011
    edited May 11

    To be honest I have been lucky a few times this week finding the hatch but usually I go straight to the gates. However I did have a few times where the killer found me and I died.

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  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 381

    Doesn't bother me. I am the best at body blocking the killers so they can’t close it 😎

  • KharKhar Member Posts: 229

    Just let hatch open when the second to last survivor gets slugged 🤣

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,011
  • PBsamichShoePBsamichShoe Member Posts: 134

    It's a horror game for Pete's sake! You're supposed to feel disadvantaged against a supernatural psychotic killer. Geeze. Louise.

  • PBsamichShoePBsamichShoe Member Posts: 134

    Gee golly willickers.

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,011
    edited May 11

    I will admit it I have danced in front of the killers a few times when I opened the hatch. It was my way of saying see ya 😘😂.

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,011
    edited May 11

    My way of telling killers bye was me opening the hatch dancing in front of them saying see ya Don’t want to be ya. And they messaged me afterwards 😘 All the salt went loose Towards me😂.

  • MadArtilleryMadArtillery Member Posts: 751
    edited May 11

    Survivors make these kind of suggestions and I sure hope you don't mind bleeding out on the floor for half+ your bar while I hunt the other survivor if these changes were to happen. You want to bleed and crawl and drag matches out, this is how you do it. Making last hooking the second last survivor even less appealing is how you get slugged for multiple minutes.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,128

    "I would like a free escape made even more convenient"-OP

  • SteahSteah Member Posts: 181

    [BAD WORD] it just start with the gates open

  • BovinityBovinity Member Posts: 1,362
    edited May 11

    Wow, so it's already a, "You completely failed, but here's an escape anyway." mechanic, and you want it to be even easier? 🤔

    Also, if you're just standing out in the open camping the hatch like a dunce while the killer hooks someone, of course they're going to beeline right to the hatch. Because you're there right out in the open. Because they very likely are running BBQ. They don't have any indication of where the hatch is beforehand - unless you literally tell them.

    At least put SOME effort into your free escape. Hide in a locker, don't stand RIGHT by the hatch the entire time. Do something. Jeez.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,403

    So end game is technically supposed to favor the killer. I mean, the killer gets stronger as people die because this isn't designed as a 1v1. Its a 4v1. 4 people have the best chance to escape. As people die the remaining survivors don't get stronger. Nor should they.


    I have issues with keys spawning in chests, however, in a situation like this, its not a bad idea. Long as the chest doesn't spawn right next to hatch.

    I can go for no scratchmarks if the aura is shown for the whole endgame.

    Doors should have a minimum distance they can't spawn under.

    Disagree completely with first come first serve.

    Hatch is pretty loud as it is.

    As it relates to the time it takes for 3rd person to die, I do think it takes too long. When everyone is hooked on death hook, the game ends instantly. Its almost jarring. Sacrifices shouldn't be instantaneous but sometimes they do drag on.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,576

    it's like the killer is playing too well and you don't like that and want to give a free escape to survivors that failed their objective


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