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Some thoughts on current Meta Perks from someone who plays both sides.


name is yoonz, I've been playing Dead by Daylight for a good amount of hours as both Killer and Survivor player and would like to have an open discussion about the current "Meta" but I would also like to talk about Maps.

"Meta" refers to the current mainstream used items, perks, add-ons and Characters in the game.

Ironworks of Misery, MacMillan Estate
This map in particular is and has always been a subject in Dead by Daylight. It has a very strong window in the main building paired together with a unsafe pallet and a very long wall. Survivors can run this by using Sprint burst(We'll get later to that) three times effectively without much risk. Using the unsafe pallet early will usually give them enough ground to get to the nearby jungle gyms and pallet loops. This one needs a drastic redesign of the main building to be fine.

Shelter Woods, MacMillan Estate
"Safe Pallet City" is what some people might refer to it. The map itself has a significant amount of dead space in the middle with the big tree. However around the outskirts of the map we have near identical loops of safe pallets and its usually attributed to killers use of "mind games" to get hits here on experienced survivors. Also darkest map in the game.

Suffocation Pit, MacMillan Estate
This is one of the few maps that would be fairly balanced if it was not for the main building. The Suffocation pit can have two open windows that are very close to an abundance of pallet loops which experienced survivors will run a good 3-7 times before exhausting the pallets nearest to those windows. Needs a major redesign in my opinion.

Groaning Storehouse, MacMillan Estate
One of the worst maps in the game when it comes to design. Survivors can flawlessly run this abomination and make you lose bloodlust without breaking so much as a sweat. Its why most of the times Survivors will hang around that building. The structure is very large as well so it takes up a huge space in the map almost "making" Survivors use it at all times. It has numerous incredibly strong window spawns 1 of which is always absolutely assured and its not a Deathtrap like some other buildings (Gas Heaven for example can be deadly). Needs redesign.

Coal Tower, MacMillan Estate
I personally believe this is one of the few balanced maps in the game because I am personally consistent on it with my main Killer, The Hillbilly. But that might be because the map is fairly medium sized, the Hillbilly is fast and you have several things such as a huge ruin and sometimes a hill in a corner to eat up pallet spawns. I think the Coal tower building needs minor restructuring but is fine otherwise.

Azarov's Resting Place, Autohaven Wreckers
I think this is one of the few good maps that require both Survivor and Killer awareness. This map can be used against the opposing team in such a fashion as to lock down the game effectively. The only thing that can happen on this map is that you can very well have 3-4 jungle gyms spawning right towards the Killer shack which makes it a really obnoxious loop if used by experienced survivors.

Blood Lodge, Autohaven Wreckers
... You know what's wrong. Truck hitboxes btw.

Gas Heaven, Autohaven Wreckers
Good map actually. I think most killers are eventually having a good time on this map. Even though the only thing making this map a horrible experience is the Gas Haven building having the possibility to spawn the door in the back only which makes it nearly impossible to get to the Basement even with Iron Grasp and Agitation together. Other than that its fine.

Wretched Shop, Autohaven Wreckers
An insanely strong map for survivors. Most experienced survivors will stick to the main building and make quick vaults happen regardless of position. It comes with 2 safe pallets in direct proximity and several pallet loops and jungle gyms around it. If the main structure is re-done it should actually be a balanced map.

Wreckers Yard, Autohaven Wreckers
Surprisingly one of the better maps around because of the basement placement that is absolute in this map. Its usually a good time on this map because you can use the basement sometimes effectively on this map as well. I do not personally believe this map needs changes aside from Truck Hitboxes.

Fractured Cowshed, Coldwind Farm
This map is quite frankly disgusting. You have immediately 2 good pallets around the Cowshed(Barn) and a number of very good pallet loops. Even with the dead zone (corn) in the center of the map, it really doesn't stop survivors from sitting in the barn or sprint bursting to it when they need it.

The Thompson House, Coldwind Farm
This map can have some fortunate hill spawns that eat up huge chunks of pallet loops and it has a deadly zone (Thompson house upstairs) that can be utilized by numerous Killers to take advantage of it. However it does have a good amount of pallet loops and jungle gyms on the outskirts that are pretty safe. Needs more playable pallet loops.

Torment Creek, Coldwind Farm
Nearly every Killer player knows to stay away from the main building in this map for a good reason. The structure of it together with all the pallet loops very close around it will lead to very long loops that make this building just way too good for what it is. On top of that, this building has a few corners that both survivors and Killers can get stuck on that should be revisited as well.

Rancid Abattoir, Coldwind Farm
Redesign the main building and this map should be fine for what it is. The developers have previously tried to mend this map by restructuring the windows but its legitimately required to take another look at this building. If the building is largely re-done I think it could shine positively for both sides.

Rotten Fields, Coldwind Farm
No touchy, good map. I am biased towards this one because I play Billy. NO TOUCHY. BIASED!

Crotus Penn Asylum
Again, only main building needs another looking at. Too many effective windows paired with a staggering amount of pallets and drops that will give Survivors that know their way around every Asylum spawn an easy 3-5 Generator chase that can break Bloodlust 3.

We call it "Had No Fun" or say things like "The great walls of Haddonfield" for a reason. This map also has some very, very powerful window spawns in the houses that make most Killers just avoid the map altogether. There is no really sure fire strategy that can be used on this map from a Killer point of view. You just hope they mess up.

The Pale Rose, Backwater Swamp
Biased, I hate it.

Grim Pantry, Backwater Swamp
Has an infinite spawn on it in the Grim Pantry upstairs (largest building on the map) when utilized correctly together with the drops between both sets of windows you can use a downstairs window and 4 pallets around the building for a 5 generator chase. Killers dodge swamp maps for a fairly painfully obvious reason.

Treatment Theatre, Léry's Memorial Institute
The only way to describe this map is a "Mistake" that has some lucky sides? The map only has high walls which allows killers to confuse survivors on it. Otherwise this map would be incredibly powerful due to the incredible amount of window vaults and safe pallets on it. It also has one of the most powerful pallet spawns in the game that spawns 100% of the time.

Mother's Dwelling, Red Forest
This map is too big for its own good. I think if its downsized a little bit and the main building downstairs and upstairs windows are re-done. As it is the building has 4 good windows and it would make a huge change already if the downstairs could only have 2 possible windows and the upstairs 1.

Badham Preschool, Springwood
An absolutely atrocious amalgamation of safe pallets and incredibly strong vaults as well as 2 infinites on this map. This map can not only have two infinites but that become exponentially more powerful with good window placement and other spawns. This map is absolutely atrocious.

The Game, Gideon Meat Plant
Too early for me to really hate this map. People, including myself, still need to learn this map a little more.


Too powerful due to it ignoring the rules of the Exhaustion Debuff. It will probably be fine once it does not give you a double sprint burst possibility.

Sprint Burst
Again too powerful for what it gives you and what it does. Especially powerful in combination with Vigil. For some reason most players do not use Vigil.

Its just so mandatory that I wouldn't mind this being part of the Survivor standard abilities.

Urban Evasion
"We asked for it and we got it"-kind of deal. Its an incredibly powerful perk when the Killer does not utilize Whispers.


We're gonna Live(Farm) forever
To discourage farming this perk should award survivors for healing each other and be done with it. Every Killer uses BBQ&Chili. Let survivors have extra points without encouraging killing their team for it.

A Nurse's Calling
This perk has made its value infinitely clear by how decent it is. I think it can stay as is because it punishes players who aren't very aware of their situation. Will usually not help against survivors that are careful enough.

Is fine as is.

Brutal Strength
So mandatory it should just be part of the Killer kit at this point. Usually dropped when other Meta perks are used to make up for it. (Tinkerer on Hillbilly or Leatherface for example)

This is as meta as it gets. Its such a good perk that most Killers would use it even at Rank 1 of the Enduring Perk.

Franklin's Demise
Take away the Charge reduction. It does what it should in my opinion.

Hex: Ruin
So since they said once upon a time that they would like to revisit the Hag perks (All hexes) I am not going to rant about this. But its definitely a thing in the meta.

I personally believe this perk is fine. But I would not be opposed to some quality of life changes on survivor sides. For example hiding in lockers to counteract it.


  • ThePeejeThePeeje Member Posts: 70

    A lot of good points! You know your stuff. The many near infinites are such a problem still. Especially on Badham.

  • YoonzYoonz Member Posts: 32

    @ThePeeje said:
    A lot of good points! You know your stuff. The many near infinites are such a problem still. Especially on Badham.

    I really dislike them. If I see a Survivor running them I will go out of my way to bodyblock. And I will use them against Campers as well personally.

  • GizmoTheVikingGizmoTheViking Member Posts: 5

    @Yoonz said:
    The Thompson House, Coldwind Farm
    This map can have some fortunate hill spawns that eat up huge chunks of pallet loops and it has a deadly zone (Thompson house upstairs) that can be utilized by numerous Killers to take advantage of it. However it does have a good amount of pallet loops and jungle gyms on the outskirts that are pretty safe. Needs more playable pallet loops.

    You clearly haven't seen me play the upstairs on the thompson house yet Yoonz. That should be pretty easy for the survivors, except for against certain killers whom i wont name to not give away my strats.

  • ApexApex Member Posts: 10

    @GizmoTheViking you are boosted anyway Kappa

  • EntityEvictorEntityEvictor Member Posts: 305

    I don't have alot of input on the survivor perks because I don't use them, except for WGLF, it should not activate if you unhook a survivor within 10 seconds of them being hooked or within x meters of the killer

    It would also be nice if as a survivor I was notified when im revealed by BBQ & Chilli tho

    Turning attention to underpowered/underused perks is importaint too

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