The winners of the Third Anniversary contests have been announced! For more info and a look at the runners-up, click here:

Kate Denson - Dark Unicorn (by DireWolf)

"An edgier, grunge look - in a way, the blood and dirt adds to the effect."

Bedraggled Ponytail and Aviators:

"A previously casual and cool look - now a tangled mess. At least the glasses hide some of your exhaustion."

Tattered Leather Jacket:

"A groovy leather jacket paired with a bright t-shirt - now stained with mud, blood and god-knows-what else."

Well-Worn Jeans and Boots:

"Your trusty jeans and riding boots, ripped and worn from one too many runs from homicidal maniacs around Coldwind Farm."

I just thought a darker, worn look might look cool for Kate, though I wanted the t-shirt to still be very bright and colourful to show her hopeful, happy personality.


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