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Hello Guys I'm New Around Here

ZeusDaddyJuiceZeusDaddyJuice Member Posts: 2

Hello Dead by daylight community, I'm kinda new around these parts (I have maybe 100 hours played) and I'm looking for tips on how to get better (I'm only Rank 8) If someone could send some my way and/or play with me I'd appreciate it. (My gt is Veexic on Xbox)


  • BillHanselmanBillHanselman Member Posts: 6

    Same here, but I didn't play for such a huge time. Well, I like to play in a squad.

  • LittleSpoonLittleSpoon Member Posts: 8

    I’m on Xbox - LittleSpoon08 is the tag. 

    I’m down for SWF or whatever :)

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