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I FINALLY understand why Red Rank got more Serious.

FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314


Hello, and today we will discuss something that I finally unearthed after wondering for so long. "Why did Red Ranks get so much more serious/competitive within my 3 month break?" And the answer is simple, lets get right into it...

The question

Before we do that though, lets discuss what I'm even talking about. For awhile, I noticed after returning from a 3 month break that Red Ranks and Purple Ranks have gotten a bit more... Try hardy, or serious as of late. Hell, even the toxicity is up with more SWFs being a common thing to come across, when 3 months ago it was some what frequent but not really...

I asked others and myself, "How could it get this competitive this fast after 3 months? Survivors are becoming less idiotic, less potatoes exist in Red and Purple Ranks, and everyone is in-general actually in a sense "giting gud" after just 3 months.

Than I realized something... Something that was so obvious that even I was amazed on how I over looked it...

The answer

Survivors are not "giting gud" or at least that's not the point i'm making... Its that the potatoes that inhabited Red and Purple ranks are gone... Allow me to explain.

For one, I talked to Peanits on the subject a few discussions ago, and I noticed that after bring up something in a past discussion...

That I just realized what has happened. The Ranking system has finally been optimized to require more "skill" when ranking up. Any boosted Survivor could hit rank 1, may this be Killer or Survivor, and even Peanits admits this (Literally admitting even he hit rank 1 and is self proclaimed "boosted") and as the Ranking system was changed to require more skill or if you want to stretch it "Doing your objective" I realized that THIS IS WHY all the potatoes that were in Red Ranks and even Purple Ranks are gone...

They went to their proper ranks... Survivors didn't get gud, its just the bracket of Survivors that ARE GOOD are in the correct ranks now... That's why I keep noticing more and more SWFs, this is why I never see anymore bad plays (At least not as often as 3 months ago...) this... is why... the game is so difficult for killers at red ranks now.

Now before you say it, "So you're complaining that your GG EZ wins are gone, HA, typical complaining Killer main" and no... That's not what i'm saying... I'm finally able to face Survivors that're within my skill set and i'm glad for that (Except if you want to see the rest of my opinion on it its in the other discussion...) and with that, I can actually get a challenge.

But this would explain A LOT as of late with the constant Gen rushing and more noticeable skill being shown in matches. Its that the actual "good survivors" are in Red Ranks now, and the potatoes are where they should be which is Green or Purple. It all makes sense now... Of course Survivors can get better over time don't get me wrong, but it would explain a lot of things as of late now...


Things have progressed so much in 3 months its amazing and interesting...

Of course more issues arise from this, so there's also that... As for whats next with the map reworks and loop reworks we'll have to see how the current meta adjusts to that.


The potatoe Survivors are in their respective Ranks now because of the changes with the ranking system.

This would explain why more Survivors with actual skill are showing up in red ranks, its because they were always there but overshadowed by the wave of bad players that could easily get to red ranks every season. It all makes sense now, and explains why the current meta is so fast paced and serious than it was 3 months ago.



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