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Olympian Jane by TheVinnysaur

Cosmetic name: Olympic Jane

As a big time television star, Jane Romero doesn't shy away from attending big events and fundraisers. When it comes to costume parties, Jane's go-to is her Olympian Goddess getup. More then just an impressive fashion statement, it holds a strong emotional meaning for the up and coming star. Having grown up with a less than ideal childhood, Ms. Romero struggles with her self confidence and self esteem, despite all of her recent success. When she wears this outfit she realizes that although it may be a costume, it still proves to the world and herself that she is a goddess who isn't going to back down anytime soon!


-Golden leaf crown, golden necklace, and golden bracelets all fit for a goddess!

-Comfortable cream colored robes with a gold trim. Fashionable yet allows movement!

-Brown sandals. Gotta keep the feet cool after all.

By: TheVinnysaur

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