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Is Left Behind ever going to have a rework?

The ECG has brought many great things to Dead By Daylight, however its also destroyed this perk (Left Behind) which, granted, wasn't probably used as much as it could have been because most players viewed it as potentially useless (althought it has personally saved me a couple times). It is however, now almost-completely useless. With the EGC, the trap already appears for the last survivor, so I don't need to do generators anymore, and in the event I decide I want to risk it and still do the generators (which is mad) the killer can easily close the hatch and block off all generators.

I just find it quite sad that there exists a perk that is unusable. I honestly don't know how this perk could be reworked in order be useful but balanced (which doesn't help I suppose) but I was wondering if this perk was ever going to be reworked, and if so, is there already an idea of what the rework would look like?


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