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Disconnecting For No Reason

TicomasterTicomaster Member Posts: 2

Ok so recently I bought Dead by Daylight. I have played the game on Xbox One for a while and wanted to have the PC version too. But when I start playing, the match goes on for a little while then it ends and it shows a "disconnected from host" screen. I get to keep my bloodpoints and items though. I originally thought it was the killer, but it is happening randomly and for 10+ games in a row. I can assure you it isn't my internet connection. Can someone please tell me what to do to troubleshoot this issue. This issue is also happening in the lobby.

P.S. I've looked everywhere online and saw that people had this issue when the demise of the faithful DLC came out, but none recently. Also, no one posted a solution.


  • SquatySquaty Member Posts: 18

    As someone who has had this issue since the plague update, I can tell you it is because there is no solution. It's the only issue I have yet to see a Dev acknowledge which is pretty unfortunate because of how game breaking it is for some of us. I have submitted tickets with no resolve. If you find any solution yourself please feel free to let us know.

  • Mikael3Mikael3 Member Posts: 2

    I've been having this issue too, and it was kind of tolerable for a while cause it only happened some days and others were fine. But after the recent patch, it's become completely unplayable - I can't get into a lobby at all usually and if I manage to get into a game it either kicks me out in the loading screen or as soon as i spawn.

    It's quite a frustrating issue and I've seen plenty of people have it, the fact that the devs are ignoring this it's quite disrespectful to their clients.

    I had no issues at all before the plague update, and I have no issues with any other games I play.

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