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Hag Rusty Shackles are Incredibly Buggy

anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,099

The Rusty Shackles list TWO effects:

  • Trap does not spawn a Hag Phantasm.
  • Tripped Phantasm Traps give no indication of being triggered to the Survivor.

For MONTHS now, the second effect is untrue, as triggering a trap causes a terror radius as though a phantasm is there. The entire point of the add on is to make the traps a surprise attack, which never happens as they run when a heartbeat comes out of nowhere BEFORE you've teleported.

Secondly, when Rusty Shackles is combined with the Scarred Hand, the wiki lists that it will "behave as an invisible barrier," when in reality the Scarred Hand causes a phantasm to appear regardless of Rusty Shackles. Now Scarred hand DOES list "Trumps all other Add-ons" in its description, but seeing as the wiki lists a different interaction, it has been changed at some point and should be clearer on the add ons. It isn't necessarily an intuitive "trump" as it would be with, say, Mint Rag, especially as it used to work differently anyway.

Please fix Rusty Shackles to work properly, and please adjust its description to clearly say "Does not function with Scarred Hand," or better yet, remove the ability to equip them together if one just destroys the other add on.


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