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Don't Nerf Ghostface, Buff Him.

There's posts and videos of people saying is ghostface is weak, Like Noob3 and his "Ghostface op", he is not OP, he is alright at low ranks ( as is any killer) but as you head toward red ranks he starts to become more mid tier.

  • I'd suggest to remove the aura perk detection as i'm sure many have before and will continue to do so.
  • also please look at his perks, thrilling tremours can be good but remove the cooldown to perhaps 20 seconds/ make it reset on hook, so you can't abuse it
  • Reduce the cooldown of his power, 30 seconds is a long time, you're essentially an m1 killer every time this happens., perhaps reduce it to 20-15


  • SodiumIntensifiesSodiumIntensifies Member Posts: 18

    I wouldn't worry too much about a meme video. Devs focus on community feedback as a whole and have moved away from "influencers"

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