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Wrestler "The King of the Ring" [David King] by Loonatico McDreado

David is my favorite survivor, I just like the attitude he exudes and the tough looks he has.

I like wrestling (or Lucha Libre as we call it in my country), since his lore mentions him being a street fighter, and I like to picture a different story where he got scouted as a wrestler and became famous. I'm sure David isn't a guy who is afraid to show off in bright colors, if given the chance, he is in for the show biz.

His ring name isn't original, but isn't keeping it simple sometimes better? Killers will spot him from afar but David will loop them around the ropes before they realize what hit them (a pallet most likely).


  • Spacemanjr2004Spacemanjr2004 Member Posts: 13

    looks pretty interesting I like this new look on David

  • loonatico_mcdreadoloonatico_mcdreado Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, I'm not an artist so I was pretty nervous about submitting, but your comment gives me a bit of hope.

    The wrestler concept is something I'd like to see as a cosmetic, either David or Trapper fit the idea in my opinion, though I play survivor more often so I went with it, plus I like David more.

    I'm so happy BHVR created this contest, it goes to show how much they acknowledge their player base.

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