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Tiny nerf for ghostface?

Why? :(



  • xP3nnyWizexP3nnyWize Member Posts: 282

    I'm actually laughing though. It's not terrible. Just wanted to see what people would say.

  • Pike_TrickfootPike_Trickfoot Member Posts: 437

    Scared of another legion. Though is something even abusable about him? I haven't been keeping up.

  • xP3nnyWizexP3nnyWize Member Posts: 282
    edited June 2019
  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,970

    What about him not being able to stalk survivors that are already marked? That's the nerf I'm most concerned about. Was that never intentional to begin with? I'm just worried that might hurt him a bit too much.

  • GrazoxGrazox Member Posts: 45

    What was the point of buffing the timer from 20 seconds to 45 seconds if you could stalk it back to full whenever you wanted?

    I agree he needs to be buffed in other areas to compensate, (removing the wind turbine sound when within 8 meters for one) but that was clearly an oversight by the devs.

  • SpectroSpectro Member Posts: 42
    edited June 2019

    The problem with the current one is that it's so damn impossible to reveal him in a chase. If you're off by 0.0000000001mm it doesn't work and EZ exposed. You can literally have him dead center on your screen and it still won't work sometimes.

    I'm glad they're at least making it a little easier.

  • PapamodzzPapamodzz Member Posts: 57

    The only issue i would see with him is the stalking while in chase when a surviour is looking back at him for some time doesnt knock him out but i could be wrong ( i play on xbox so havent experience him yet) just wondering if that a actual thing if someone can clarify for me please and thank you.

  • JimsalabimJimsalabim Member Posts: 641

    why would they make a rank 1 killer? the majority of players are mid to low ranks. and they know they will cut themselves with a nurse like killer in this period of time. it's not gonna happen. not even hard to understand

  • JimsalabimJimsalabim Member Posts: 641
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