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A letter to BHVR from a killer main.

Dear devs.

Thank you for this GF changes. I knew hes gonna be my new mine since the leak day. Thank you for this buffs, but we have to talk about it.

Hes not op. Hes not even top tier. All this videos of Truetalent running after a survivor withour being spoted... thats not gonna happen. He will be a weird Mayers, and we already have one Mayers... 

Pleas BHVR, you did it with spirit. Do it again. Buff him more. Its been almost a year with the same only 3 killers at red ranks. GF has not movility, and has very few things for loops. Make him strongger. Take the risk. If a killer main wants an op killer, he has already nurse, making low tier killers wont stop us from playing strong killers, just make it funnier.

I play T1 Mayers a lot and survivors love it at all ranks. Its funny, its terryfing. Its an HORROR game. 

Pleas, pleas give us another viable killer. More than half of the roster is not viable at red ranks, pleas this epic long awaited killer HAS to be strong. Almost a year without an strong killer now.

Those are my suggestions:

-He shouldnt be detected by detection perks when the power is activated. Ooo, spine chill, etc etc. This should be mandatory.

-Make him even harder to hear. Dont give us a weird Mayers, he must be unique. I wanna stalk them without being seen, not running after them.

-And my final idea if you wanna make him A TRUE TERROR: Dont let the survivors know if they are marked. Just think how much fun and terryfing it would be.

Hope you take the risk and buff him just like spirit. Again, I dont want an op killer for an easy 4k. I dont need it, I already have nurse. I just wanna more fun at the same time as Im being competitive. I cant stand another year with the same killers/perks once and again and again and again. I already spend the money on my steam account for the 18th.

Pleas, take the risk. You will not regret.

Love you <3


  • SpirezSpirez Member Posts: 666

    I agree.

    The first 2 could make him viable at green ranks at most.

    The not showing exposed might be a little too much though

  • ArtickArtick Member Posts: 617


  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    They just announced he is getting a slight nerf... He cannot stalk survivors that are already exposed.

    How annoying. How much longer do we need to wait for a viable killer in this unbalanced game. I know freddy will be kinda strong, but seriously? Look devs if youre reading this, Locker Teleport would be great for ghostface. I know it would be a lot of work but it would be great for his character and playstyle. It would add an obvious uniqueness to the killer. It would make him more stealthy, more interesting, more strong. That nerf was unnecessary. Without killers, no one could play. Please treat us because 3 viable killers is far from enough. It was only 1 killer that needed to be worked on. No map, no survivor, only 3 perks. His perks are bad. The least that could be done is make him top tier considering there was time to perfect him and he became a disappointment. The details of my locker teleport idea will be listed below:

    Ghostface would be able to teleport inside of a locker within 16-24 meters of him. Unoccupied lockers would be highlighted in yellow signifying that you could teleport inside of it. Occupied lockers would show no aura. Keep in mind it is only between 24-16 meters that it would show this and that he would actually be able to teleport. This would keep locker jukes viable. Once inside the locker he can peek out of it and stalk survivors. After exposing them he would be able to quickly jump out of the locker and stab stabby. I would prefer this to be a separate ability. He would have his basic shroud thing and Locker teleport.

    -Even though it seems like survivor feedback should be listened to due to them being the majority, the killers understand more about balance bc they have to go through it and they are on the underpowered side. #ListenToKillers ???

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