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Perk Index - For New Players

GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,059
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I understand that being a new player in this game can be extremely overwhelming. So I thought of an idea which could ease players into the way this game works.

I remember being frustrated as a new player to be killed, when the killer either just magically knew where I was or never understood how other Survivors knew my location, or even how he was able to instadown at the end game.

Currently we have many perks and as the game grows more will be added and it will become even more complex.

We should add a perk Index for new and experienced players alike to browse. If you've ever played an RPG, then it would be similar to a Beastiary. This index would be very useful providing extensive knowledge to those just coming to the game. And in the loading screen as a tip you can tell the player to refer to the index to read up on perks :3

If this has something to do with UI @not_Queen @Peanits @Patricia

Maybe you can pass this over to Sarah Robinson in your UI department. I feel this would be a great addition~

Thank you for reading and always letting me know you're watching

See ya in the fog!

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