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Tips against Ghost Face?

MyNamePeteMyNamePete Member Posts: 1,047

Ghostface just released and I need help with strategies against him.

For some reason we would stare directly at him and he wouldnt get out his power? wack

Would love to hear your tips, thanks.


  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    He won't yeah, the devs will fix it though. Don't worry. I personally just try to loop him for as long as possible.

  • BlondeMegPlsBlondeMegPls Member Posts: 66

    Don't try to stare at him the range is very low he'd have to be right on top of you, and if you do stare at him he'd then know you're there because the range is so damn close... Also he has a lot of add-ons that decrease the range even further

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280
    1. Play as 3-4 SWF
    2. Announce where he's going and from where over VoIP
    3. Always be paired up if possible so you can screw him out of his NS as soon as it's cast
    4. Loop
    5. Drop Pallet
    6. Finish Gens
    7. Teabag in exits

    Same as every other M1 killer.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,835

    He has to be dead center of your screen. Additionally, the detection range may be altered depending on his add-ons. So even though you are staring at him, you may not be close enough to detect him. To prevent him from camping, the hooked person or downed person needs to be looking around and detecting him. Basically, you just need to be hyper aware of your surroundings at all times, not unlike facing Myers.

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