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Susie sounds.... Different

HewieHewie Member Posts: 8

In the latest patch at the start of the trial, Susie will have the VFX for Frank/Joey

This is fixed however once you are stunned by a pallet.

This has happened every game I have played on version 3.0.0


  • lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69

    Platform: PS4

    Description of the issue:

    When selecting Legion with the Susie skin it seems instead male breathing sounds play.

  • HewieHewie Member Posts: 8

    Getting the same issue on pc as well :)

  • HewieHewie Member Posts: 8

    just realised i said VFX not SFX lol

  • SeptonSepton Member Posts: 1

    Same with Julie (PC version).

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    So, its confirmed. Susie is a trap.

  • CaeruleusCaeruleus Member Posts: 55

    I noticed this too lol. On PC. I thought I accidentally changed to Frank unknowingly but I saw I was wearing Susie's outfit

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 821
    edited June 2019

    Yeah its hella weird please fix suzie its very weird and unsettling.... or maybe our dream of all the legion being in the game at the same time is coming true?? Still very weird tho

    Also side note after a pallet stun playing legion that red effect lasts so long compared to other killers ive played


  • HewieHewie Member Posts: 8

    Still a bug in 3.0.1

  • KeydiamKeydiam Member Posts: 4

    Julie suffers from the same bug. It doesn't matter what mask you use: Legion always starts with the default male voice which will change as soon as you get pallet stunned.

  • HewieHewie Member Posts: 8

    Still a bug in patch 3.0.2

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