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Can’t see hooked survivors auras?

calebm20001calebm20001 Member Posts: 5

Is this all part of the new update where you can only see the survivor’s aura for a moment and any perks you have to see others including killers aura don’t work. Is this a bug?

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  • calebm20001calebm20001 Member Posts: 5

    Thanks! Hopefully they’ll fix it.

  • brock1221brock1221 Member Posts: 4

    A definitely Hope so. I play claudette and my main thing is going and healing survivors with the empathy perk. But it's not working at all. Also am using dark sense so I can see the killer for 7 seconds after repairing a generator and that hasn't happened yet. Really getting tired of playing the game blind lol

  • calebm20001calebm20001 Member Posts: 5

    I play as Jake and use the perk where you can see the killer whenever he’s within range when you’re hooked and can see everybody else’s auras as well. Now it’s pointless when it was useful asf.

  • calebm20001calebm20001 Member Posts: 5

    Try restarting the game. I can see auras now

  • brock1221brock1221 Member Posts: 4

    It worked for me as well. Thanks!

  • calebm20001calebm20001 Member Posts: 5

    If you were playing as it was updating then I believe that’s why. The firecrackers are also in your inventory no way

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