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The Community has Spoken about SWF

Read this post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/381210/discussions/0/1480982338956455265/

This topic has the most amount of comments i have seen and it makes a very good point.

SWF has been a problem since it was introduced. It provides survivors with basically free detection perks. I remember the Developer stating this game isn't about communication yet SWF is the very definition of communication.

Communicating SWF are also breaking rule #5: Using 3rd party software or other tools to gain any kind of unfair advantage wasn’t intended by the game, except if they have been whitelisted by us.

Fixes in this topic that are popular include:

-Bonus BP% per SWF member

-Make SWF unranked

-Make Killer SWF based perks that only work on SWF


  • NeonWildSurgeNeonWildSurge Member Posts: 34

    I don't fully agree with removing swf.

    Survive with friends is a pain in the ass for killers I understand that. But you guys always fail to take it from a survivors point of view. As a survivor, You must work as a TEAM to try and escape instead of bumbling around like solo queue idiots.

    I feel that taking SWF out of the competitive queue would kill DBD instantly. It'll drive away a massive amount of the player base. There are a lot of players who only like to play with friends and not be farmed by a random or screwed over.

    With the bonus BP per swf member. That wouldn't be fair to the survivors in the game. If it would be like %5 to everyone. That's perfectly fine. But if it's just the killer that's not fair.

    Making specific swf perks won't help the matter. I can take a stab in the dark here and say that the killer mains want to be able to have the exposed status 24/7 throughout the match. (I'm talking about the killer's who NEVER have touched survivor and doesn't know how it feels in there shoes.).

    Refering to Rule 5 in that article. Using 3rd party software or other tools to gain any kind of unfair advantage wasn’t intended by the game, except if they have been whitelisted by us. Heavy proof and a video recording is mandatory." <--- That's referring to cheating or giving some type of vision assist or movement speed increase. Voice communication doesn't violate that what so ever. If it did, Noob3, Puppers, Monto, And a lot of other content creators would have been banned. So that leaves it to the Killer's being butt hurt.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
    edited June 2019

    I love that people still use that 3rd party rule to call people cheaters, etc... or use it to defend their argument.

    They spend all the time looking up information about SWF to use in their arguments but never bother to look up BHVR response to that rule and how VOIP pertains to that rule.

    That rule was not made with VOIP being considered a 3rd party tool. That rule doesn't apply to VOIP.


  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 844

    Mind providing a link to that statement? I see the argument made quite often, and it'd be nice to have evidence against it.

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    #########, playing as survivor is almost impossible without SWF

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

    @Huntar Nah I'm not. I'm not your research assistant when you can search that 3rd party info and find it within a few minutes. I don't need to do your work for you, don't be lazy.

    I've been here since these forums started and when the steam forums started. I've been here over 3 years now.

    I love when new people come in and throw something out there and feel like they are a genius and found some sort of loop hole or "I gotcha moment".

    However they fail to see this game has a 3 year old player base and no body in that time hasn't done the same. Especially when those rules were made and put out.

    You don't think people having not been complaining about SWF and VOIP combo?


    Nothing wrong with people putting in complaints about SWF... But remember... The party started 3 years ago. Remember, you are late to the party so try to bring something new to the table or you'll be reminded others have already stood where you are with the same arguments.

    That link.. That says most of it there.


    Do you see a response from a Dev yet?... Do you see them talking on any of the other SWF and VOIP complaint related posts here?... Cause they are constantly repeating themselves over and over.

    Learn the history of SWF please.

  • chowbaaronchowbaaron Member Posts: 17

    The part about breaking "rule #5" by using VOIP is laughable. That aside, the only thing I agree with you on is an unranked mode. Hopefully after the dedicated servers are released, they institute some form of ranked/unranked/casual mode.

  • billoverbeckbilloverbeck Member Posts: 23

    ok champ,whatever you say,if you are happy everybody is

  • PwnyFishPwnyFish Member Posts: 70

    Oof.. this has been talked over a lot. And people dont seem to get it.

    The ONLY way is to bring up the information from solo survivors to SWF. And as far as I can tell, its what the devs mentioned in trying. I dont know how they want to do it or how fast they will do it.

    Creating a 2nd queue where killer can chose to go up against SWF or not, is essentially the same as removing it.

    More bloodpoints against SWF doesnt fix anything

    Making the perks work differently in depending on SWF or not is stupid, since you would have to know in advance if you are up against SWF to pick accordingly. which brings us back to my first point.

    End of story.

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

    The community has spoken about swf. That is why swf is here.

  • RicardiBacardiRicardiBacardi Member Posts: 77

    If you need to play swf in order to rank up, that shows that you are not very good at playing this game.

    It seems to me that playing SWF its like boosting ranks.

    I can rank up solo to rank 4, and now im looping properly (i dont play survivor too much, i mainly play killer.)

  • JespJesp Member Posts: 192

    Appeal to rule #5 and your arguement immediately gets worse. Every game ever has that rule in one shape or another, and anyone that actually takes the time to think instead of crying while weaponizing it against something they don't like realize it refers to traditional cheating programs like wallhacks, aimbots, maphacks and so on. Unless otherwise is SPECIFICALLY stated it's rightfully assumed that using VOIP in a multiplayer game is allowed.

    DBD isn't some esports-oriented game with esports-influenced balance. It's competitive in the sense it has winners and losers, but it has a myriad of powerful modifiers (add-ons, offerings, perks) that turn killers, survivors and items into something very different to their base powerlevel. A medkit is nice, a syringe medkit is crazy. Nurse is nice, omegablink nurse is crazy. Accept that DBD will never achive ~perfect balance~ or just do yourself a favor and quit the damn game already instead of being that guy crying about a play with friends mode in a multiplayer game.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    @ZVom Add a lobby indicator that show who's in a SWF (and with who) and its great. Survivors who's going solo should get rewarded as well for playing with SWFs.

  • BentTorpedoesBentTorpedoes Member Posts: 19

    I play swf all the time as i don't like to play by myself, you remove swf and i will stop playing the game period.

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