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Can't see any auras.

nøbødynøbødy Member Posts: 37

Whenever I play killer, I can't see the auras of hooks, hooked survivors, gens, or the doors. The only time I can see the gens are when they're completed and the only time I can see the doors are when they first become activated. After that, they disappear. This didn't happen until I downloaded the 3.0.0 patch on my Xbox.


  • nøbødynøbødy Member Posts: 37

    I forgot to mention this happens every match.

  • nøbødynøbødy Member Posts: 37


    Anything that involves auras are currently not working. That goes for survivors too. Any perks that involves auras are broken and can't be used.



  • arbitrary_akitaarbitrary_akita Member Posts: 1

    For me on PC, I can see the auras, but they disappear once they touch the edge of the screen. It gets annoying.

  • JenzeeJenzee Member Posts: 2

    After downloading new patch yesterday on Xbox I too am unable to see any auras. Hope they fix it soon cause I love using the Bond perk.

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