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Ghost face

Getting ghostface out of stealth is really inconsistent. There's times where there's 3 people looking at him really close and he doesn't break out. The chase mechanic is wonky, and so is the camera. Those are some weird mechanics to implement and have powers rely on.

Sometimes you can kick him out of it, and sometimes you just can't. I was literally right in front of him facing him, nothing several times. I looked and saw they didn't have any add ons to effect the spotting.


  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 551

    Same dude, I've had this happen several times and it's awful

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    People play now like this:

    1. Find the survivor

    2. start chasing

    3. enter stealth

    4. and kill with one blow.

    Something is not very similar to the silent stealth killers

  • ThirdSealOPplzNerfThirdSealOPplzNerf Member Posts: 357

    Really? I break him out easily people think they just have some big square on the screen and it instantly breaks him out no. You have to have your screen centered directly at him and you have to track him in the middle of your screen for 1.5 seconds and there has an m1 killer that will be nerfed in the next week.

  • feechimafeechima Member Posts: 687

    Nah, I have had a stare off with him and loss. He was in the middle of my screen. The break out is very inconsistent. They need to tweak it.

  • ShadowsireShadowsire Member Posts: 3

    I saw GF in crouch come around a corner, NO COVER AT ALL. I'm crouching a short ways away, perpendicular to him. I freeze to not draw attention and stare directly at him for several seconds and get.... NOTHING! GF turns and spots me and a few seconds later I'm tagged, all the while I'm staring straight at him. #########?

    Early tonight I thought I just didn't understand the mechanics but after several matches of this stuff, well now I firmly believe mechanics are very broken.

  • Dabrownman1812Dabrownman1812 Member Posts: 1,857

    I have video of me doing that, center of screen up close literally following him. No break out in multiple games. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just doesn't work. Also, being directly in the center of the screen is kinda bad even if it worked consistently. Like og legion, camera and "chase" are finicky, unreliable, and exploitable terms of mechanics.

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