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Nerf Bylie and buf clown

YaiksssYaiksss Member Posts: 3

Hillbylie and the Nurce is too strong i feel like i have to use them when i just want to play all the killers and have the same ingame results but e feel forced to play with them when i rly wanna play other killers that are not as good as he they are like the clown, i loved if all the killers were balenced


  • HorsePowerHorsePower Member Posts: 117


  • YaiksssYaiksss Member Posts: 3


  • bioshock548bioshock548 Member Posts: 3

    I can understand what you mean with Killers sometimes appearing too strong. I main Clown when it comes to Killers as well. Yet, one thing to note. The game, like any competitive game, comes with meta. If they were to nerf the killers that were strong, others would take their place. Without specifics to WHAT about these killers you would nerf and buff, it seems rather pointless to make this sort of post without some context

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 484

    @bioshock548 When you are talking about the meta... take in the consideration that there can be healthy and unhealthy meta.

    Unhealthy meta occurs when there is a one certain meta that is so strong when compared to others that there is no point in using anything else if you want to win.

    Right now we have 2 metas for the survivors, while one of them being used so much more frequently than the 2nd that we can talk about having only 1 meta.

    When it comes to the killers there is much more variety of different playstyles, but the nurse and the billy are the most commonly used, while the other stuff is really used by the mains

    In this case we can tell that while killer meta can be yet acceptable (if you exclude m1 killers perk meta) the survivor's perks meta is very unhealthy.

    In my opinion different metas for the survivors should come to live and the m1 killers should have more perk variety to help them in the chase (right now there is only spirit fury + enduring because bamboozle is broken, there is no alternative for the B&C (maybe expect spies from the shadows, which still needs some kind of a buff) and there is nothing to put instead of a ruin).

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 2,698
    edited June 18

    Any high mobility Killer will put pressure on the map, if you're concerned about M1 and no special travel abilities, use PWYF.

  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 321

    PWYF won't work for M1's. The reason is that the M1 will take away their stacks. The only people that can make use of this is billy and LF since they have insta downs. Possibly Myers as well, but most others it is too unreliable.

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