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New legion bugs

as of 6/19/2019 I have had the same two consistent bugs with legion (specifically susie)

for the first half of EVERY match as susie legion the character has a male voice then strangely changes back to the female voice. when stunned by pallets in feral frenzy the whooshing wind visual effect persists until it looks like you re-enter frenzy and exit it regularly. these bugs have come right after the patch on pc so idk what changes have caused this (obviously) but its annoying and a fix would be nice


  • Sholynn0415Sholynn0415 Member Posts: 22

    I play as Julie as I've noticed her voice has deepened... lol... I get it because there are 4 different versions why this may have happened but it is seriously weird sounding. Hoping it gets fixed for all us legion girls 😁

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