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"Babylon the Great" Plague Skin Concept by Trinawolfy

Alternate skin name: "The Plague of Babylon"

A plague skin based off of the ######### of Babylon from Revelation 17 in the Bible. Not personally religious, just found it fitting considering the Plague is from Babylon lmao.

Item descriptions:

  • The Beast's Crown: A crown fit for at least seven kings.
  • Scarlet Colored Robes: They're almost as red as the blood of saints.
  • The Golden Cup: Said to be filled with abominations and filthiness. An acquired taste.


I couldn't stream the rest of the concept art unfortunately, but this at least shows the earlier stages (most of the vod is muted due to copyrighted music, but the visuals are still there).

Thanks BHVR for the opportunity!


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