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Entitled SWF...

So I had a match last night, and I could tell by the way the survivors were playing that they were in a party. So I tend to play as fair as I can, as I like everybody to have fun, so I don’t tunnel or camp people. I was playing as The Pig and I also wasn’t using my RBT. I have recently prestiged her so I don’t have many viable perks on her as of yet, including no ruin, so I had to just rely on my knowledge of the game to outsmart this team.

So first of all, for a SWF team they played so derp, they tried to emulate try-hard gameplay they see from streamers, but failed miserably. I had killed one of them and everybody else had been hooked twice. So, as I hooked somebody for their second hook the last generator popped. I noticed that one of the other survivors was hiding right near the hook, so obviously I wasn’t going to walk away whilst they were sat right there. I also knew that this survivor had BT, so I hit them and they ran off, I could tell they wanted me to chase them, but I just knew that the third survivor was going to be close by, so why would I fall for that bait when the gates were powered? I shouldn’t be expected to let people escape without a challenge. I turned back around and what a surprise I see the third survivor running in for the save, they also had BT, so I managed to grab them off the hook and prevent the save and luckily for me there was another hook really close by so I hooked them and they died. The other survivor healed and kept making lots of noise trying to make me leave the hooked person, but again, why would I do that? I hooked them fair and square, so why would I just let them escape? I also knew that this was the type of team to wait in the exit gate to teabag, so I wasn’t gonna give them that pleasure. So the third person dies on the hook and the fourth one opens the gate and keeps making noise trying to lure me over, obviously wanting to show off in the exit gate, so I just stayed put and didn’t give them the satisfaction.

So after the match ends I receive messages from all 4 guys calling me a camper, saying I was a trash killer, that I had to camp to win, although I’m pretty sure I only ‘camped’ at the very end of the game because the gates were powered and they were stupid enough to get caught trying to save their friend. Why are people so entitled on this game? Why do they expect you to just let them escape? Also, why would you WANT that? Shouldn’t you want a challenge? It was really satisfying to receive the messages as I knew I played well and played fair and they got demolished. As a SWF you literally have no reason to complain about the killer, you have the immediate advantage. The fact I managed to kill 3 / 4 of them with no good perks says more about them than it does about me. A serious case of #GetGood

I used to be a survivor main, but I’m honestly starting to prefer the role of the killer now. There’s just too many idiots that play in the survivor lobbies and they ruin matches. They literally get their teammates killed and blame you for it.

Apologies for the rant. 😂💙


  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    Thanks dude, yeah I was playing Nurse on PS4 last night, constant 4 man SWF, flashlight squad, I could not ever pick up a Survivor because the other 3 were nearby, so I had to safeguard and slug the bodies, making sure I could actually get one hook.

  • TheLastGreatStarTheLastGreatStar Member Posts: 1,002

    @ShrekIsHot See with that type of gameplay they’re asking to be camped. So I don’t understand the salty messages post-game. We’re just giving them what they want. Also kudos for playing Nurse, especially on PS4. She’s a hard killer to learn.

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278


    Don't feel bad about camping or tunneling, people will get butt hurt, it'd be stupid not to do that in the situation you had, if they are over altruistic and try for hook saved, protect them, as the others won't do gens and wait for an opening to save. Whispers might be good for telling if they are out doing gens or waiting to save their friend.

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    I feel you man, and tbh since my purpose is to have a fun and fair match, if I start to notice people playing toxic and entitled I'll just dc.

    There's no point for me to have a stressful match.

  • NickNick Member Posts: 891

    You can follow all the cringey unwritten rules. But as soon as you stay close for 1 second too long ONCE, you're a 'camper'. Its ridiculous. I always turn the chat off and I dont care anymore.

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