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[HELP]Player Pips Error

genocidegenocide Member Posts: 2

How can i fix this one. After the update i always got this message after the game



  • NordestinoNordestino Member Posts: 1

    Plataforma: PC

    Descrição do assunto: At the end of every match I pip, the rank does not rise, so forcing me to stay in rank 15. At the end when I'm going to get pip, the following message appears: "Player pip's error". And the game automatically returns to the start menu.

    Etapas para reproduzir (se possível):

    Com que frequência isso ocorre: Every match

  • OklaGrizzlyBearOklaGrizzlyBear Member Posts: 4
    edited June 2019

    So with this update, did all of our progress with our characters along with the bloodpoints that we accumulated during the double blood point period reset to zero? Not cool! I had over 700k in blood points, My Meg, Claudette were prestige III - 50, Feng Min was prestige I - 50 and all of the my other survivors was prestige I - 20. So what was point of having double blood points all that time for you to take it away from us? All of my accumulated perks gone. I had spent over 3.5 Million in blood points over the period of double blood points to rank up my characters. You also took me from Level 11 back to 16 again after the last reset on the 13th. You need to fix this !!!

  • virtushdavirtushda Member Posts: 17

    Before 3.0.0 I just couldn't gain pips, now I get an error at the end of every game and get thrown to the title screen. I've previously tried to contact support to no avail.

    I'm on PC, I've reinstalled, I've deleted everything DBD in AppData, rank reset doesn't fix it.

    I'll attach my log.

  • JollyChimpJollyChimp Member Posts: 0

    Platform: PC

    Description of the issue: Right after escaping through the exit gate, the game crashes and the following message appears:


    Then the game restarts normally.

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): Play against Ghost Face

    How often does this occur: It happened every time I escaped when the killer was Ghost Face

  • MytchMytch Member Posts: 20

    This only happens when I pip, it's been happening since 3.0 patch. Thanks!

  • MytchMytch Member Posts: 20

    I've verified integrity of local files twice FYI

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    I've been screwing around all day and night and actually managed to go under rank 15 from rank 13 somehow. I think something in patch 3.0.0 messed with whatever it is that stops you from going too far down in ranks. I personally don't care about my own rank cause I can get it back up by actually trying instead of screwing around, but it might be something to look at.

  • Link941Link941 Member Posts: 9

    Yup, same here. Also tried reinstalling. Neither worked.

  • Xargoo7Xargoo7 Member Posts: 3

    I keep on getting this error message after every single game I play. It affects both survivor and killer side. I lose all of the pips I've earned from my game no matter if I 2 pip or not. It used to affect only survivor side but after the 3.0.0 patch it has affected my killer games as well.

  • Xargoo7Xargoo7 Member Posts: 3

    I tried to reinstall my game but it didn't do anything

  • TonsuttenTonsutten Member Posts: 3

    help me

  • nobugplznobugplz Member Posts: 9

    help me,too.

  • SexyDwightSexyDwight Member Posts: 33

    This is really annoying because I cannot participate in post game chat, or see my emblems and bp for the game

  • TonsuttenTonsutten Member Posts: 3


    EMAIL / [email protected]

  • nobugplznobugplz Member Posts: 9

    Hurry fix.

    We can't play.

  • PapiZellyPapiZelly Member Posts: 1

    Also experiencing the same issue. I'm on pc. Already reinstalled the game, restarted pc and game, and verified integrity of game files on steam. Please fix this.

  • derineeederineee Member Posts: 2

    ######### error.... plz help me

  • derineeederineee Member Posts: 2

    When I get a pip, the error window pops up and bounces to the game start screen. The rank does not rise.

  • JoHn3JoHn3 Member Posts: 2

    Every time that i pip in a match playing survivor i get a error message and it kicks me to the sing in screen(Right after cut scene when you start game) it makes it to where i cant pip or spectate and now i am stuck at rank 15 and cant rank or derank and it only started happening the same update ghostface came out. i dont get this on killer its only on survivor and all my frends say they dont have it. is this only me? is there something to fix this?

    the error message is "POPUP_UpdatePipsError_MESSAGE"

  • nobugplznobugplz Member Posts: 9

    same error.

  • GodobertoGodoberto Member Posts: 21

    same here

  • KrilkalKrilkal Member Posts: 64

    The "My Super Sweet 16" bug is kinda annoying. Same issue here.

  • beastybeasty Member Posts: 21

    i agree it's an annoying bug and i have the same bug but ranking up does not make you a better player ranks does not really matter at the end

  • kamisenkamisen Member Posts: 794

    It's really hard to load into a lobby when in an SWF-team, one player often disconnects. This has been fixed before, but now it seems to be very frequent again. We've tested on different computers and the problem is consistent.

  • Mr_TMr_T Member Posts: 7

    and one more

    dead by daylight: more bugs with each patch.

  • Forest999924Forest999924 Member Posts: 1

    same problem

  • PrincezzJessicaPrincezzJessica Member Posts: 3

    it absolutely matters. i just got a PC but i play on console so I'm way better than rank 20s who are just starting. when you should be a higher rank and playing with people closer to your skill level it makes all the difference in having a fun or crappy match. also, it's not even the fact that you aren't actually leveling up, it's that 1. you cant see how many points you get or where you were in comparison to the others, and 2. it starts your entire game over every single time which is really annoying.

  • PrincezzJessicaPrincezzJessica Member Posts: 3

    Platform: PC

    Description of the issue: Player Pips Error, Scoreboard screen appears as if the killer DC's but other players in match say theirs is fine. After hitting OK it loops to the game loading screen.

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): Happens when exiting gate at the end of match

    How often does this occur: With every match escape

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,602

    So I'm getting the same error message as other people, not on every pip but a couple times now, but with an added caveat: I lose two pips every time the game crashes for any reason. I quite dislike working twice as hard for ranking up because I'm being punished for participating in a game the devs seem content to leave as buggy as ever.

  • DragosMDragosM Member Posts: 3

    same error as well....i`m rank 14 with one pip since the event started...

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