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Nurse With Shadowborn

Ever since I added Shadowborn to my nurse build, my awareness has been godly. Someone nerf me. It's probably a must have for people trying to learn nurse.


  • AsianMammothAsianMammoth Member Posts: 80
    I don't need it. Now that you've gotten used to it, you need it.
  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,558

    3 times by now, i've been like: "An actual decent amount of people say this is good on Nurse, so i'll try it."
    All 3 tries, that lasted for a day, end up in me thinking: "Not worth it at all!"

  • popolespopoles Member Posts: 810
    I use it. But I'm playing on console though. I can live without this perk, but it's a neat addition.
  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,173

    For PC its not needed but for console it just makes life that much more simple.

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,129

    No room for it in my Nurse builds. Tbh, I think M&A would be better, since the safety threshold and synergy for spotting people with A Nurse's Calling is very strong. Easy to turn and gank unsuspecting survivors.

  • Suddenly_JoshSuddenly_Josh Member Posts: 11

    I've used it ever since I started playing Nurse and it hinders me now because it feels un-natural to play without it. The problem is it leaves me with only 3 perk slots for a perk that doesn't have a huge impact on the game itself. It's fine to run, but you could use a better perk in it's place.

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