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high ranks on low killer

Alucardrx20Alucardrx20 Member Posts: 27

just curious if anyone else has this happin or if this is going to be fixed but i hit rank 15 killer and was having a good time then i go into a match where i got no one i look and they are low ranks i had 2 rank 10 and thats understandable but i also had a rank 6 and 8 and my honest though is are they such trash at theri rank that they need to go against a rank 15 and block hooks at the end game ? but yeah i shouldn't be going against ranks 8 or 6 at rank 15. is this going to be fixed? just curious cause that match was just stupid


  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 702

    Probably is swf. Anyway the matchmaking is not the best thing ever so it happens to ha “unbalanced” matchmaking. Maybe with new servers it will be fixed. Well, see it as a hard experience that made you improve. I personally don’t mind playing vs stronger people.

  • Alucardrx20Alucardrx20 Member Posts: 27

    honestly i hope so cause i have had so much fun on this game and i would hate to not be able to play it i mean i can admit that im not really that good at the game and i know their are survivors/killers that are super good at this game

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 634

    What time were you playing? There may not have been a lot of people on. If they were all a higher rank than you, it's more than likely due to no one being on or because match making is acting up.

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