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Game Crashed due to low video memory


I was loading into a red forest map (didn't get to see which one) when an error pops up on my screen about there not being enough video memory to generate a texture. I have an rtx 2070....it has 8 gigs of dedicated video memory. Before the rtx 2070 I had a GTX 970 and I've never seen this issue (the 970 had 4 gigs of video memory). I wasn't running anything else in the background besides discord, steam, and a youtube video in chrome.


  • cobaltsteel5900cobaltsteel5900 Member Posts: 7

    Hey there friend,

    I also have an rtx 2070, and had this exact problem.

    It is because of discord as far as I can tell, when I disabled hardware acceleration on discord my problem vanished.

    To do this, go into your discord settings, and click on appearance. From there, scroll down until you see hardware acceleration and turn it off. This fixed it for me when nothing else did, so hopefully it will for you too! I think it is just a problem with the optimization with this game and RTX cards. I do hope it gets resolved by BHVR soon!

  • FISHKILLFISHKILL Member Posts: 3
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