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Out of video memory error

FpjFpj Member Posts: 3

Yesterday, I started getting out of video memory errors. I don't know what the problem is. I tried to change settings from Ultra to Medium but the problem wasn't solved. The game uses ~3Gb of VRAM on Ultra settings.(MSI AB overlay) I have GTX 1060 6Gb. I tested my video card in R6: Siege and there weren't any errors. (It uses ~5Gb of VRAM) Nvidia Driver 430.86 I will try 419.67.


  • FpjFpj Member Posts: 3

    i5 2500k

    12Gb RAM

    4-8Gb Pagefile

    Game is on SSD with the system

  • cobaltsteel5900cobaltsteel5900 Member Posts: 7

    Do you have discord open?

  • FpjFpj Member Posts: 3

    Yes. The problem was solved when I installed the old video driver.

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