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Hatch Grabs

WolfPad06WolfPad06 Member Posts: 182

So I know why they changed the hatch jumping to where the killer cannot grab them during the animation, to prevent the standoff and give the survivor a fighting chance if both the survivor and killer find the hatch at the same time.

However I don't think they took keys into account for this balance. I just had a game against Freddy where he hooked a survivor right next to the hatch during endgame collapse. As I went for the save, I was put to sleep with the Paintbrush and Z block (strongest sleep transition reducing add-ons), so basically immediately. The killer had NOED and Bloodwarden active at that point, so a guaranteed 2-3K now.

I got the save while getting insta-downed, the unhooked survivor had a key and opened the hatch. As Freddy was in cool-down I crawled to the hatch too, with another survivor body-blocking for me, they also get insta-downed as I jump into the hatch and by the time Freddy recovers from cool-down, they jump into the hatch too... And cannot be grabbed out of it.

So a Freddy with NOED and Bloodwarden active, basically getting 3 downs immediately, left with 0 kills.

Now I know this was a rare case, but it was so ludicrous and probably infuriating for the killer that I can't help but feel Keys have become way too strong now.

My solution: Hatch escapes opened by keys should still be grab-able, only the hatch that opens for the last survivor should stay not grab-able.


  • cobaltsteel5900cobaltsteel5900 Member Posts: 7

    Just happened to me, I agree. First game as freddy, was about to get a 4k, they just sit on the hatch and jump in with 0 danger.

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,358

    i must agree about this you cannot do nothing against survivor that have dull key or skeleton key the only thing you can do its equip franklin perk

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