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Hex ruin dependancy

Is it me or is anyone else sick of the fact that this game relays on a perk easily destroyed due to spawn locations(which supposedly got fixed months ago) seriously though, it is hard as hell on a lot of killers to not a game rushed and 3 gens done in the first couple minutes without ruin. As is I’m a p3 Ghostface and have not seen ruin once in any of the webs. As he has little to no early game map pressure due to stalking and trying to mark the survivors. The way he is supposed to be played gives him no pressure on large maps which is most maps in this game. Something needs to be done actually fix the issue with gen rushing and not cloak and dagger that [BAD WORD] and give us the facade that it’s been dealt with.


  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280

    It’s not even that the gens are still getting done as fast if not faster people now know that it’s faster to work on gens alone which has not been changed working on gens together has been slowed but not alone so in that case good survivors know solo on the gens get them faster and boom 3 gens in 2 minutes. Killers are either complacent with the bs they give us as a fix or they are just not bright enough to see this game of cloak and dagger.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 683

    I would agree that when playing as the killer it feels like the games take no time at all. On the flip side I also have times where it feels like it takes forever to repair a generator. Hex ruin has kind of become an essential perk that can be destroyed 2 seconds in.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,875

    It's due to a lack of other things to do.

    Once sabo was nerfed the gen rush was coined as it left one objective but it wasn't as complained about.

    They added totems but the incentive to cleanse them is perk dependant.

    Gens used to take 40s and there were true infinites and no ruin and they seemed to do better.

    They added longer hook time and increased gens to 80s to combat camping.

    Looking was bad with more pallets on the map and safer areas and less perks to combat it.

    Survivors constantly complained about camping and killers told them to do gens which seemed to have happened.

    So why does it seem harder now than before?

    Is it because players adapted?

    Is it because ruin became an option and now players rely on it too much?

    Before ruin killers didn't have the same issues or as many complaints about it so what has actually changed?

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,920

    I'd love to not use Ruin but like, the games are so fast without it.

    Ruin is a symptom of a bigger issue within Dead by Daylight.

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528

    Ruin is not a necessity.

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280
    edited June 2019

    Yeah if you play nurse and billy but for the average player that isn’t as good it pretty much is to be consistent. Also I’m on console so those top tier killers aren’t the same for us, nurse is definitely a diamond in the rough to find a good one on console.

    why do I feel this is going to end up a survivor main git gud comment section... if it does the devs should see what I am saying to be true because it would disrupt the current gen rush meta.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,230
  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,126

    Billy Isn’t much different, spirit is the same, hag is the same. Huntress and Nurse just take longer to learn.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,126

    I don’t need ruin on my spirit, I haven’t perfectly gotten good with her yet but that is a part of the learning curve.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899
    edited June 2019

    Ruin is required on most killers due to their lack of map presence. There isn't just one thing the devs have to do to fix "genrush".

    The devs already know this but it really just seems like they're trying to ignore it, releasing new chapters with the hope of people sticking around without fixing the core issues of the game.

    This won't work for 5 more years, something has to be done.

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280

    You’re right because console this game is just about as dead as f13

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280
    edited June 2019

    Because she has good map presence with her phase.

    Not sure why this quoted you but I agree to some point.

  • Spaceman94Spaceman94 Member Posts: 164

    I didn't prestige GF but got him to level 50 and bought all the perks for him. Ruin was my 53rd perk in the bloodweb, NOED was my 54th.

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280

    Had noed on my first run if I allowed messages I’m sure people would have been heated was fun though when they didn’t expect it and still got 1 shot.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,075

    I play Ghostface without Ruin, I can get pretty consistent 4ks.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,308

    Just about everything in the game has changed. Killers used to be more of an overall threat to survivors. Maps weren't as safe and players were far less optimized. As the game has grown older and changed in many ways on both sides some of the core gameplay hasn't kept up. If you're like whose played on and off for the entire life span of the game there is a lot of staleness in game. If you've spent a lot of time just reading the patch notes from 2016 till now you can get a sense of how much things have changed.

    The forums is probably the worst place to get a sense of what the game is because there is too much Us vs. Them echo chamber. Majority of killers aren't designed for the way the game plays now. Some killers have aged well, but most are already outpaced by the optimizations that players have made to the game. Even new killers are coming out sort of stuck in this place where they need to be borderline to get things done at higher ranks.

    Part of it is the fact that players are constantly expressing their thoughts on the game till the devs finally just try and sort whatever it is they're saying out. A lot of that isn't based on objective facts or skill. The devs have spoken on this before, this is OUR game now. So, in that sense we are making it worse when people don't use that power to tackle issues from a place of facts.

    On the other hand, they've always said they don't want to just balance the game around Red Ranks. Which, even with not being a red rank myself, I think is a bad idea. The game played at high ranks is the most accurate depiction of what the game has become. Any other game balances around either best levels of play or around the data sets they can compile over a period of time. At times it feels like the game changes in ways that go against both data and high rank playstyle.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 835

    1 solution is to bring back old sabo, slugging is now counterable as well as more viable with some perks, then again im not sure about it

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280

    So not only our totems get destroyed in 30 seconds so will our hooks...

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280

    And the fact that all killers aren’t red rank viable kind of bothers me really, the issue of only 2 meta killers in red ranks is because of this killers are being nerfed to the ground based on low ranks then the matchmaking putting red ranks in with green or lower, makes killers complain about the survivor side. Not once have I seen a red rank killer as a solo survivor but am constantly seeing red rank survivors as a killer. (Topic for another discussion post)

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280

    Would love to see what rank you are vs the team you beat sure there’s a difference and also which maps because I can’t see gf doing this unless you get the game map all the time, which IMO is his best map which proves on larger map he has no pressure. Also are you using him the way he’s meant to be used? Or are you just m1ing every down?

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 280
    edited June 2019

    Because of her map pressure. with billy nurse and spirit out of the picture, it is. Using any of those 3 killers to combat my point only validates it that the other killers need major work on their pressure

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 966

    I would argue that there are only 2 killers who NEED Ruin. Trapper and Hag, who both have things to set up. I've run every other killer with no Hex Ruin and gotten plenty of 3ks or 4ks.

    My highest killer rank at the time was 5. And before anyone argues (well what about ranks 1-4), why should the game be balanced around such a small portion of the community when it works fine for everyone ransk 5-20? Or at least everyone with some skill. If you need Hex Ruin that bad, you probably just aren't that good at finding and catching people. Run whispers to locate people easier

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