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Do the devs consider matches like this

iTz_KilLaZ_xiTz_KilLaZ_x Member Posts: 300
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Played a match as clown last night. I’m rank 1. A swf team I know of popped in and I knew it’d be tough. I’m sick of playing nurse so I figure well I may not 4k but maybe I’ll 2k? Clown is alright, right??

Well, these guys had 2 bring in instaheals and 2 with the best flashlights/addons. They found ruin instantly since the devs can’t seem to hide totems good STILL. I got bullied to hell and honestly with the amount of safety pallets around this specific map, clowns power was useless in stopping the loops. They all had borrowed, adrenaline, etc... the usual meta.

They even stuck around after and bullied until the endgame collapse was near. So in essence, going against a team like that with any killers besides nurse is pretty much impossible. They all have 2000+ hours so they don’t fall for mind games. You pretty much have to accept the loss which I did. I didn’t have fun though. Do the devs ever consider the annoying crap rank 1 killers have to deal with? Apparently not after 3 whole years. Sad


  • Speshul_KittenSpeshul_Kitten Member Posts: 1,861

    @Pike_Trickfoot that’s a conversation for a different topic

  • ZacKskillsZacKskills Member Posts: 79

    Imagine thinking you should get an easy 4K. Even a 2k or 3k on pros with 2000+ hours in the game lmfaoo

  • FeelsVeryBadManFeelsVeryBadMan Member Posts: 197

    Played a match as Jane last night. I'm rank 1. Randoms popped into my lobby and I knew it was gonna be tough, but I decided to ignore it and not leave. Not every rando is braindead, right?

    Well, this Killer brought in the most OP addons they have and a Mori. He found me instantly right as I spawned in. I got bullied to hell, I was camped and tunnelled. My teammate's BT was useless aswell, because there were no good loops around my hook on this specific map. He had NOED, Bamboozle, BBQ, Enduring... the usual meta.

    He even bullied us during the Endgame collapse. So, in essence, going against a Killer like that is almost impossible. He had 2000+ hours so he didn't fall for mindgames. You pretty much had to accept the loss, which I did. I didn't have fun though.

    Do the Devs even consider the annoying crap that rank 1 Survivors have to deal with?

    That is literally what some Survivors have to go through, especially the ones that don't use instaheals, DS, BT, Adrenaline and stuff like that. Poor Killers tho, they're the only ones who have it hard. @iTz_KilLaZ_x

  • iTz_KilLaZ_xiTz_KilLaZ_x Member Posts: 300

    Uh first off the only killer that is OP is the nurse but she takes skill to play so that’s good. This is so fallacious since it ignores the fact that most killers aren’t viable... nice try and cute how you took the time to try and mock my post

  • iTz_KilLaZ_xiTz_KilLaZ_x Member Posts: 300

    Thought I’d get a dev reply. I mean just to clarify that there’s nothing a killer can do in this type of game besides the nurse...

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 849

    The game isn't designed to handle a coordinated 4 man SWF. If you think you are going up against that your best choice is to either just have as much fun losing or get over it. The game needs to be balanced around solo or 2 man SWF since that is the most common combination of survivors.

    Yes that means you're going to get boolied from time to time, but just try to enjoy the game and move on. Because I mostly play killer but I will admit, when I play survivor I run into a lot of killers who run annoying meta perks and either puppy guard the hook or just tunnel.

    This game is going to have annoying matches, you can't balance for the outliers or the extreme cases... you have to balance a game around the center and usual cases.

  • iTz_KilLaZ_xiTz_KilLaZ_x Member Posts: 300
    edited June 2019

    I’m not mad. I’ve been on this game for a while now. I’m just sick of using nurse and the other top killers... if they added a first person mode for survivors, I’d be be on that all day. Would love to become a survivor main because it’d be be scary and challenging. Sure, surviving would be very difficult but I wouldn’t care. I miss the days when I first started where I feared the killer.

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    Your first mistake was picking Clown.

  • iTz_KilLaZ_xiTz_KilLaZ_x Member Posts: 300

    He is not too bad on certain maps. Regardless, it goes back to the point of how half the killer roster isn’t viable at rank 1.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,788
    edited June 2019

    To answer your question, it seems that the devs have a real blindspot when it comes to multiple survivors in the same trial potentially using the same thing, whether that be instaheals, MoM (pre-rework), old DS, Adrenaline, etc.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,963

    @FeelsVeryBadMan okay, just to get this straight. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

    You're rank 1.

    You played solo.

    Your random teammates are potatoes.

    Killer used mori.

    Killer found you first.

    You got bullied (how?)

    You got camped.

    You got tunneled (with a mori active?)

    You stayed until the end watching or survived. (This part wasn't clear to me)

    Killer bullied your team (again, how?)

    Killer had 2000 hours and therefore experience.

    Just as a perspective thing, what's your killer rank?

  • Yikes_A4K83Yikes_A4K83 Member Posts: 30

    My fams, my dears, my children, my parents, all yee who apply, everyone who is of the human race, I would like to make something apparent. It is a very simple concept, in all honesty. Here it is:

    The nurse is dead. She floats. She teleports. She moves through space in a few moments. She is supposed to be powerful.

    The spirit is dead. Her arms float and she flickers in and out of existence. Her "spirit" detatches from her physical corpse and wanders around blind but with acute hearing. She is supposed to be powerful.

    The hag is dead. Her skin is flayed she draws voodoo hexes in the mud to teleport. She has no skin on her flesh, her muscles are exposed, she has no eyes and her face is ruined. She is supposed to be powerful.

    These characters are literal paranormal entities straight out of horror movies. And you give them their best add-ons and even the strongest, fastest, most resiliant human shouldn't beat them. (But they can because there needs to be a reason people wanna play survivor.)

    The legion, trapper, huntress, ghostface, Myers, etc... They aren't supernatural. The entire exposed mechanic is meant to just be like a "here's their power cause they don't do anything in lore" type thing. Other characters who have external things like hatchets or traps have those because, well, they just do.

    But they aren't supposed to be super powerful. (Especially not legion. They are practically survivors running around with a mask and a knife.) They can be bullied and looped because they aren't supernatural. Why should they be on par with the paranormal killers? They shouldn't. They literally should not. That wouldn't be an accurate horror experience.

    The entire "balance" thing is such a stupid flaw with games. Some people don't want to make games. They want to make an experience, a simulation, something that isn't reality because it can't be reality. And Dead By Daylight is sadly a game and therefore limited by "balance."

    I guarantee you that the reasons they allow the supernatural killers to be so powerful and not the others is because they want it like that. I do. Y'all don't but that's because either y'all are bound to everyone else's way of thinking or you weren't exposed to the ideas of artists.

    Those who make games are artists. This is their creation. Sorry you like a killer who isn't supernatural. That's kinda your sadness. Not theirs. Wanna be powerful? Switch your stupid bottle of gas for teleportation. Those two should never be on the same level.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,404

    The biggest problem I have here is simply:

    Killers are claminig that it is necessary to see the Survivors before the game to prepare. I would agree to that, even though they most likely will dodge instead of prepare.

    But, you know it is a 4 man SWF. Cool. Why do you pick Clown? Clown is EASILY one of the worst Killers, you can use Clown in Red Ranks, but should not expect to have an easy game.

    Furthermore, they all had Items - why dont bring Franklins? Or is it only possible for Killers to tell Survivors about Perks which they can use, which are not even close to decent?

    And last but not least - Why dont you bring the good stuff for Clown? Bring the Insta Down and a Mori.

  • GorgoniaGorgonia Member Posts: 1,585

    Not going to say you're wrong but I wonder the same when I go into a casual game to have fun and the killer is so try-hard it makes me want to bully them.

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