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Seeking New Spirit Tips, Tricks, and Builds.

LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966

I usually run BBQ, MYC, PGTW (love the buff made it even easier to use), and Ruin. I was wondering if anyone else could give me some new advice or stuff to try out while I have been lvling the rest of my killers on ps4. Mostly I wanted to try everyone's ideas and stuff everyone has since Spirit happens to be my all time favorite killer so I always appreciate new information or things I may have overlooked or even forgotten about.


  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 1,820

    One thing that helps me a lot as Spirit, is Phase as soon as they turn walls or when you can get behind objects (don't be obvious that you're hiding) and you know you are out of sight. I see lots of people who phase right out in the open and it has a higher chance of failing. Phasing when you know they can't see you will lower their reaction time for more success.

    Don't Use her frosty eyes cosmetic. Unless it's been fixed, they are a dead giveaway that you're phasing and will kill your ability to fake it if they're paying attention.

    I'd also like to share that I've replaced my BBQ with Ghost Face's Thrilling Tremors paired with PGTW and it's been fantastic with the high mobility.

  • PwnyFishPwnyFish Member Posts: 70
    edited June 2019

    What I use the most: BBQ, Pop, Surveillance and M&A

    BBQ: for bloodpoints and to keep your momentum after a hook.

    Pop: works really nice together with BBQ, since you see survivors who are working on a gen on the other side of the map. You get over there, regress it and chase after the survivors there.

    Surveillance: Works really nice together with Pop. Once you regressed the gen and chase another survivor, you can keep looking on the gen and see if another survivor goes back to work on it. You can phase back mid chase to the other survivor and get a free hit.

    M&A allows you to get closer to survivors without using your phasing. It might result in an easy first hit, which then can be quickly followed by a hit with phasing, to get a fast hook(I am mostly using a quicker power activation addon).

    A lot of times the survivors spawn together and start working a single gen. If you manage to find them and hook 1 guy before they finish that gen, you can regress it with pop and snowball really nicely from there. BBQ will let you know what the other survivors are doing. Surveillance will let you know if they are trying to sneak back to that high progress gen.

    If you are in a chase with another survivor, dont go back to the unhooked one. They will likely heal up and not work on a gen(except if you cant find anyone else to chase). Its a bit situational. Your goal is to keep as many survivors busy with something else than working on gens. And if they are working on gens, you have pop to nullify a lot of that work.

    Dont stick too much to 1 chase, especially if you know they have selfcare and will heal themselves up. If you see another survivor mid chase, you can start phasing and switch survivor, since a lot of times they wont expect that, you can get an easy hit.

    I honestly havent played in red ranks since a while, only in green and purple. I mostly let the survivors live at the end, so I dont pip a lot because of that. And then the reset comes too fast.

    But honestly, you can run a lot of different perks on spirit, since her basekit is really strong. You just gotta find a playstyle that works for you.

  • PwnyFishPwnyFish Member Posts: 70

    I often use: BBQ, Pop, Surveillance,M&A

    I really like the combination of BBQ,Pop and Surveillance on mobile killers. It can give you a lot of momentum. BBQ lets you see what other gens are being worked on, you can then move there and use pop to regress it, and keep it regressing with surveillance. Surveillance can also be used to to some sneak attacks when they try to work on the gen behind your back. You can just phase back to it and get an easy hit.

    I wrote quie a post before, but somehow it got deletet when I posted it. Couldnt be bothered to write it all again, so thats the short TLDR..

  • Michael__MyersMichael__Myers Member Posts: 9

    I came to the forums today looking for Spirit tips & this seems like a good setup to try out. I love the idea of The Spirit but am terrible with her, hopefully this will work well for me!

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    I am doing a series of videos on the spirit's builds on my channel, I'll post a video per day for the next 6 days, maybe something could be useful to you.

    I am really average but I enjoy sharing content https://www.youtube.com/user/Chuckino10

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,208

    I can't give many tips on spirit because I am guessing anything I say will have already been said but I suggest you try using Daughters ring +Prayer beads if you are looking for an unfair game that you will most likely win. Use Surveilance and monitor and abuse with this the other 2 perks are up to you and you can get a ton of gen grabs plus easily stop gens from being done.

  • Michael__MyersMichael__Myers Member Posts: 9

    Nice, I'll have a watch in a little while when I'm eating dinner :)

  • bevdog67bevdog67 Member Posts: 57

    Spirit is a diverse killer when it comes to perk builds due to her great mobility! Because she can move so quickly, it is good to use perks that capitalize on this. Here is a good build that more often than not ends in a win.

    1. Discordance - A perk that I almost think is extremely underrated. Discordance can honstly win you the game more than you would think. Not only is it a great detection perk, but you can use it to initiate a chase, and disrupt and apply map pressure. It counters organized SWF groups, buys you so much time, and stops those pesky generators from popping. On spirit, you can speed to a generator the second it turns yellow.
    2. A Nurse's Calling - Great on Spirit as you can quickly speed over to a survivor that is healing using phase walk. Simple and effective.
    3. Sloppy Butcher - Not only is it a great time waster, but it really powers up the effect of A Nurse's Calling. More healing time = more detection time.
    4. BBQ - Extra effective with Spirit as you can detect where someone is and hone in on them very qickly useing phase walk. To be honest, I mostly use it for the extra BP.

    A few other perks that you could use are Hex: Ruin, Pop Goes the Weasle, and Surveillance. I have seen a lot of people who swap Nurse's and Sloppy Butcher for Ruin and Haunted Grounds as well. I hope this works for you in game, and good luck!

  • Michael__MyersMichael__Myers Member Posts: 9

    I do love a bit of Discordance for exactly the reasons you highlighted, it's become a new favourite lately when I was trying different Ghost Face builds.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 3,053

    I run BBQ, Nurse's, Stridor, and Make Your Choice.

    The reasoning behind Stridor isn't so much to track injured survivors. It's to track healthy ones and those with Iron Will. It also makes tracking injured survivors super easy. Win-win.

    My playstyle on Spirit is hyper aggressive. All offense all the time. I don't run Ruin or any game slowing perks. You should always be chasing or hooking someone. This playstyle really works for me at red ranks. They can't gen rush you if you are constantly downing them before they can loop you even once. You down and hook someone, find the next one, down and hook them, and then find the MYC person. When you get proficient with Spirit, you'll fall into this rhythm.

    I typically only break the strongest pallets, and that's if I have downtime. I also only kick gens if I'm certain nobody will tap it. Again, all offense all the time.

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