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Why is Looping a Big Deal?

MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8
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Note: This is a genuine question that I want to dig deep into and friendly work out the pros and cons about. If I’m in any way condescending, I apologize. Honestly, not trying to start a fight.

Yes, I am a noob. I downloaded the game today, spent an hour reading the manuals, then jumped into gameplay for probably six hours straight. The game’s just got me hooked (get it? Sorry I’ll exit-).

But I do know that the community has a somewhat controversial view on looping, the same for tunneling and those dirty tactics. I’m confused on why looping is such a big problem with the killers however; it’s fairly easy to counteract it.

You can simply pretend like you fell bait and go over there, but then quickly turn around and go back. They vault right into your waiting arms, and from experience in the few rounds I’ve played, they do this often. Seriously. I got my first kill because of it; he kept trying to loop me but I would always backtrack halfway through and get him. I even have video footage.

With this in mind, it’s also a possibility to give up on them. I know, it’s our duty as killers to hang up those little sneakers... but if you need to choose between gens being fixed or trying to get the survivor, well, usually the gens are a higher priority, aren’t they?

So again, sorry if it seems like I’m acting like a know-it-all, but I’m genuinely baffled on why the community feels that looping is a toxic strategy they hate with a passion. (Well... Yes, it is toxic, but point is that you can easily counter-act it, can you not?)



I honestly do not see the problem with looping. Sure, it’s a jerk move, but you can easily counter it. In fact, downloaded the game today, and after the one+ hour spent reading the manuals and whatnot of the game, I jumped in. Played a round with Ghosti-Boy, got used to his mechanics. Didn’t get a kill but frankly, I’m playing this for the fun of hunting, the thrill of the chase! (Maybe I’m a little sadistic...)

Second round I actually failed miserably, didn’t hit a single survivor. But I am a newbie against a SWF group of 4... playing as Ghosti-Boy... what should I have expected?

But the third round was special. I finally ran into someone who would loop around... or tried to.

See, the solution to looping is easy. Either 1: Ditch them (especially if you’ve already hit them and a gen just got fixed) or 2: Make as if you’re going to go to the other side, then quickly turn around and go back. Whack em as they slide over.

Honestly, I got my first kill in a 2k game because of people doing this. They tried to loop me, but I would simply do #2. The next few rounds this worked so many times, it was ridiculous. Instead of being smart and strategic, (and I’m being blunt here, no hard feelings!) it seems like most of the killers prefer to complain rather than score an easy hit/kill.

So, really. What seems to be the problem to it, when you can easily counter-act it?

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  • MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8

    No, I am not in any way saying that I know better. I’m not stupid. But I am a noob to this game, which is why I even pointed it out in the first place.

    The thing is, literally it’s easy to counteract the looping solution. So it’s a genuine question :/

  • MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8

    Nope, I play on console... probably would take a ridiculously long time anyways. Yes, I’m a noob. I’m addressing that by saying flat out I’m new to the game (although I’ve seen several gameplays, still one). And to answer your other post, I have been using Ghosti-Boy... or as his game name is, Ghost Face. I’m not teleporting to reach them. I’m literally just acting like I’m going to their side, then quickly returning back to where I was to see them vault into my grips. It’s fairly simple process, too.

  • MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8

    You are correct, with both of your points. My tone did come off as condescending, I apologize and shall change it. And looping does take much experience, just like everything else in the game.

    But that’s not the question/topic: I’m just genuinely confused on why people get so triggered about looping? It really seems to me you can simply trick them and score an easy kill as they vault into your arms. Without a teleporting killer.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 4,684

    It's not the looping that sets them off (though it is sometimes the focus). It's usually more about bad map design really. When you get into a loop, a good survivor will typically not fall for simple tricks. Then if they know how to maximize the loop they can waste alot of time. This leaves you the option to chase or leave. Both can be painful as they are wasted time.

  • MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8

    Fair enough. I thought I played more than enough rounds but I suppose not. Oh who am I kidding, I definitely have not lol

  • MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8
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    Ok, one, I want to ask just how you managed to type that much in so little time... no, really? That was recording breaking time.

    And second, fair enough. I see your point, it is possible they were all noobs. I suppose I shall thank you for showing me reasons why it isn’t effective and, you know, shooting me down? (I’m not good with words, is it obvious? I hope not, hah.)

    But really. I’m sorry for the [email protected]$$ tone I believe I had with you, and this post in general.

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  • MousyBousyMousyBousy Member Posts: 8

    Ok, one, I want to ask just how you managed to type that much in so little time... no, really? That was recording breaking time.

    And second, fair enough. I see your point, it is possible they were all noobs. I suppose I shall thank you for showing me reasons why it isn’t effective and, you know, shooting me down? (I’m not good with words, is it obvious? I hope not, hah.)

    But really. I’m sorry for the [email protected]$$ tone I believe I had with you, and this post in general.

  • ZacKskillsZacKskills Member Posts: 79

    Because This game just has a bunch of cry baby killer mains that’s why. (Rank 1 survivor and rank 1 killer talking here)

  • PierpallePierpalle Member Posts: 23

    Man, survivors who play at red ranks don't fall for those stupid mindgames but they always keep an eye on the killer when they loop and if they don't see him anymore they know the killer is mindgaming so they'll go to a nearby loop or stay in a safe position.

    For the question you asked: those who complain about looping are either noob or use loopable killer such as wraith, but there aren't many killers that are loopable in the game.

    Hillbilly: eats pallets if the player is good.

    nurse: teleports.

    spirit: crazy mindgames, only loopable when she doesn't have her power, because she's slow.

    hag: set traps, forcing you to leave the loop.

    Trapper: same as hag.

    Pig: dash attack if used properly forces you to leave the loop.

    plague: vomits at distance+ red vomit so loopable only if you are in a tall loop.

    myers: loopable.

    wraith: completely loopable.


    huntress: throws hatchets, unloopable.

    leatherface: loopable.

    legion: loopable.

    freddy: loopable.

    doctor: hardly loopable if good.

    clown: throws bottles, forces you to change loop or go into the toxic smoke which slows you down and you'll get hit.

  • RedcumRedcum Member Posts: 261

    So far, you've played against the worst survivors in the game with a noob stomper killer. Obviously you're having an easy time. It's really not that hard as a survivor to stall a killer forever with looping.

  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

    It's because most of the Killers can't deal with looping and just have to be an m1 killer, get run around and try to mindgame. After a while this sort of gameplay gets boring especially if there's a lot of safe loops on the map.

    Wait until you reach red ranks and you'll understand how detrimental some looping can be to the weaker killers.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    It's boring to me.

    And i find it ironic they want to incentivize Killers to not do boring camping and tunneling, but our newest Survivor came with an ability to only do more boring looping.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,210

    Mind games on pallets at high ranks will not work unless the survivors are inexperienced, On safe pallets that is on unsafe pallets feel free to mindgame to get a hit but on safe pallets many of those can be unmindgamable at high ranks The mind games you are trying to do as killer currently at higher ranks will simply make the loop an infinite.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,737
    edited June 2019

    Survivors can be totally blamed for looping. They lobbied the devs for it and resisted every single time it had a whiff of nerf incoming. They are not neutral bystanders who can't be blamed for using whatever the game gives them to win, they had a hand in the game being steered in that direction. 

  • Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 781

    When you run into a sweaty 4-man SWF in red ranks on haddonfield with all BL and optimal loops you'll see the problem with looping

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