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Boil Over Buff

To improve boil over I was thinking about disabling the nearest hook for a survivor to use forcing them to actually deal with the wiggle. Increasing the wiggle to 100%. I feel like the aura reading is useless if you can see the hook that close anyway. It would be cool to get struggle points as well but that's just a bonus.


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,828

    "To improve boil over I was thinking about disabling the nearest hook"

    You mean like entity does but for gens?

    It would be weird having entity help survivors when not a single other survivor perk (currently) has anything to do with the entity

  • DoubleTapDoubleTap Member Posts: 218
    edited June 2019

    Boil Over is almost completely useless due to the sheer overwhelming abundance of hooks predicting there is ALWAYS going to be a hook well within wiggle range. It really is an even more useless DS.

    The ONLY way to even make it the slightest bit viable is to pair it with Tenacity for fast recovery while crawling fast and Flipflop to increase the wiggle bar to 50% while slugged . Even then that relies on extreme situational scenario that you MIGHT be slugged.

    As soon as the Killer thinks you have any of these your not getting slugged again.

    By itself Boil Over is a wasted perk slot and needs a buff.

    Your better off just taking Unbreakable in that line up and ditching Boil Over all together because Survivor perks don't get buffed to viability status, they get nerfed into extinction.

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318
  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 973

    I had an idea for Boil Over that would inhibit the killer, but it would be able to be countered without the use of the perk. Basically, the wiggle effects are now 50%/75%/100% and the hook obscuring is 14/28/42 meters. This would mean that a killer would just have use their eyes and memory to find a hook as apposed to just following the aura. That way there's no unfair "fast wiggle" or "slower killer" or your suggestion "unknown hook disabling". I DO like those 3 ideas, however there isn't a way for the killer to counter them without the use of a perk.

  • Bludge23Bludge23 Member Posts: 197

    But the point is that there is still a counter. Just because they have to use a perk to counter it isn't a good reason not to change it to that in my opinion. I think it having a counter in the first place is good to start with.

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