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PotatoBlightPotatoBlight Member Posts: 12
edited June 2019 in Other

Platform: PC

Description of the issue:

First of all, I know, another one of these... well yes, I want answers.

This is an issue I've had for almost 4 months at this point, and it's a joke...

At first I thought nothing much of it, and that it would hopefully be fixed soon. At this time it never displayed this error and I only thought nothing much of because I was fine just sitting in high green ranks. I remember being in purple for about 2 days before a rank reset, which put me back to rank 12. Then I noticed after every game whether I pip'd, double pip'd or de-pip'd, once returning to the menu it reset it to the rank I was before the game started. I thought it was fine for a bit because my friends were also in green ranks. So me, being the hopeful person, thought it would at least be fixed by the next reset... you can tell how that went.

This time, my rank reset to rank 15, still no popup errors after a game, but still not going anywhere. This is where I started to get annoyed at the game because patch after patch, the devs still haven't found a solution to the problem. So I gave up on the game for a while. A good, long while.

Eventually I jump back on, thinking that it's been around 3-4 months since I started seeing this problem and with Ghostface releasing I really wanted to play again.. but alas, I still cannot gain progress, and additionally, I have this message that pops up after every game I pip, and when I click 'OK' it sends me back to the main menu, rinse and repeat.

It's not fun having a terrible bug such as this one in a game that I've played for a good while now. I enjoy the game, it's really fun, but it's seriously unplayable for me. I've seen a lot of people complain about this issue, but it seems to be only a certain percentage. How much longer will it take for this bug to be fixed? I really want an actual answer as to how it isn't fixed.. it's really irritating.

Yes, I've tried uninstalling. Yes, I've tried validating game cache. And yes, I've tried turning it off and on...

How often does this occur: Every damn game.



  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    I have never encountered this myself. But that really sucks.

  • Link941Link941 Member Posts: 9

    I was getting "Player pip error" prior to the last patch which was the exact same thing as this just with different text. Now I have this after they "fixed" the previous error. A huge joke indeed.

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 10,988

    Contact the support here: https://support.deadbydaylight.com

  • 5Head5Head Member Posts: 1

    i've had the same thing happen to me the past few days it's absurd i've clocked 40 hours on killers in 3 days or so and at least every 2nd game gives me this error message, will we get any comp for this with all the progress not gained?

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 10,988

    They are working on it and they need logs from people with that issue to gather more information.

    And yes, i posted in every post about this issue, because that's what we need to find a fix.

  • PotatoBlightPotatoBlight Member Posts: 12

    Out of curiosity, how long were they working on it for? It's been in the game since 2.4 or 2.6 I'm pretty sure. And I've had it for literal months at this point. Was this just not being worked on for that long and are only now getting to it?

  • kaja25kaja25 Member Posts: 4

    Hi i also have this bug i the game.When i bought game on steam 2 month ago i cant runk up as survivor, bescue this massage:RANK UPDATE ERROR after every game.Plz fix i can't play like this rank 18 forever...

  • PotatoBlightPotatoBlight Member Posts: 12

    Bumping so a dev might actually give an answer as to what is going on with this issue....

  • maria_maria_ Member Posts: 24

    I have the same problem. I bought the game in the beginning of 2018 and I love it and I used to be rank 1. And now because of this ERROR I can't really play. Because after rank resets every month it throws me back, until one day I will hit rank 18 eventually. No fun to play with teammates with one perk. It's not even a horror competitive game anymore, when you are surrounded with newcomers, who just bought the game.

    Today I wrote to support team again, and send them log files. I really hope they will fix it, because this is my favourite game.

  • lechatnonolechatnono Member Posts: 10

    I've had this bug since the plague came out.

    I was usually in red ranks, and now I'm always in the grey ones... This sucks. Camping killers, newbie teammates and so one. The game isn't fun anymore. I only play against people that don't know how to play the game and when you've almost 1000 hour on the game, it makes the game unplayable.

    So devs, I know you're planning to try to "rework the ranks" in December / January. But I hope your "work" isn't just about waiting for the update and not fixing our problem. So many people have this bug. You wouldn't have implemented a error message if no one had it.

    Get the dedicated server running early, you'll be able to collect data about this bug more easily.

    In the end most of us here just want answers about this problem and not an automated response saying "we're working on it" when it has already been 5 months since the first appearance of this bug.

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 460

    They say they're working on it but all we get are cosmetics - that's what they are really focused on.

  • kill_billkill_bill Member Posts: 60

    lets hope some of the bigger streamers get this bug. it ll be fixed in a few hours. normal customers have to wait for weeeks/months before something happens.

  • Eternal0088Eternal0088 Member Posts: 53

    This is still a huge issue for me as well. It's been going on for a while.

    I've asked the support mod who I was speaking with for compensation in the form of shards and bloodpoints, and I recommend everyone else with this bug do the same.

    I was normally a fairly high ranked killer and now, since the reset, I've been stuck at R15.

    A normal killer game goes like this for me:

    1. Join game
    2. Find a survivor within first 30 sec
    3. Down said survivor
    4. Have survivor D/C
    5. Find another survivor within 30 sec
    6. Have that guy and the other 2 D/C

    With games like this happening ALL THE TIME I literally am not gaining as much player level progress OR bloodpoints. Therefore irredescent shards and BP are hit HARD.

    Every time I see more cosmetics in the store and no update on this rank issue I get absolutely pissed off. I paid for this game. I paid for a good couple chapters and killer DLC. I want better customer service and transparency regarding this until the problem is solved. I turned in my logs regarding the issue and now I want the god damn Devs logs regarding what the Hell they're doing on a daily basis to resolve this. Cut all work on cosmetics and put all hands on deck figuring this ######### out.

  • Bark2996Bark2996 Member Posts: 18

    Roughly 3600 hours later and experiencing this after every game is very unfortunate to deal with. Literally only able to purely play for fun even though like many stated before me that playing with newcomer's isn't very fun. Plus, it just makes it seem like whatever I do at this point doesn't really matter. Especially those games when you nail that solid Double pip only for that message to tell you it doesn't matter you didn't earn anything from that match. Devs can only say they are working on it which i will have to take their word for it, but I can understand the frustration of dealing with this obnoxious bug squandering all the work you put into a match. Hopefully this gets resolved soon or else this is gonna be a very dark time for DBD which is pretty ironic for an evil lore of a game. High hopes and high hooks.

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 134

    For me, I restarted the computer and took out most background programs. Restarting the game seems not work at this issue.

  • lechatnonolechatnono Member Posts: 10
    edited November 2019

    Ok so i'm back and to be fair I just think devs are waiting for the rank rework and not fix this problem.

    I've had the game since early 2018, I don't play it that often even though i'm over 1000 hours in the game but to be honest this bug is making me tired of the game.

    Everytime i play, it's with low rank survivors, i get campy killers, survivors that don't help and since you can't rank or derank what's even the point of staying in those games anymore ?

    For a bug that has been here for more than half a year and for the number of people who have this bug, i find it so shameful to not give any updates on this bug nor having this bug as a priority since it's literally ruining the experience for everyone.

    So, i'd like to say it once and for all. I haven't spent 1000+ hours in a game, bought all the dlcs and the game at full price for not being able to enjoy the game as every other users.

    Fix your game devs. We don't care about new cosmetics or dlcs since we can't even enjoy the game as it is right now.

    Fix it.


  • puki3puki3 Member Posts: 7

    Hello. I have an error in which after finishing the game it does not give me rank. "Rank update error" pops up and I don't know what to do with it. I wrote to you 5 times and it has not been repaired for a year!

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 103

    I'm bumping this because same thing used to occur to me when I was not caring about my rank at all. It got somewhat fixed for me and here I am, unable to move from my current rank due to this bug.

    It's kinda frustrating since I want to face actual killer players that have something I don't know to teach me.

  • XplsvXplsv Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2019

    While rank doesnt matter at all it really sucks playing on r15-20 just because of this bug..... Please Adress this issue already in Cursed Legacy, it started happening since ghostface patch (that was like 4months ago....) and it isnt fixed still.

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    There was no mention of a possible fix in Cursed Legacy patch notes either. Are we going to wait for another 4.5 months?

  • SheepytheNoobSheepytheNoob Member Posts: 1

    I’ve this issue and I haven’t even had the game for a long time. I’ve only got about 100 hours and by rank update error occurs before I can even enter the game. The moment I load in and see the list of what I can play and the store I get the error message and get kicked back to the opening screen. I cannot play the game when this is happening and it’s so frustrating as I love playing this game with my friends. I really they sort their ######### out and fix this

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    Such a shame that you have to witness a bug as a new player. Surely just like you, others will quit the game at this rate if the issue keeps going. The bug itself harms the replayability of the game from the core.

  • ovendishovendish Member Posts: 1

    The exact same thing happens to me! And the worst part is, I don't get any bloodpoints, nor rift progress, nor anything! Except, I lose my items/addons/offerings, so it's like the worst scenario ever.

    This is quite enfuriating, and I hope there is some fix for that.

  • silvius19silvius19 Member Posts: 6

    I've got the same problem for 5 months and I'm about to drop. Devs said they're working on 5 months ago

  • EnerjackEnerjack Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2019

    I have this same issue for about 3 or 4 months now and is actually really frustrating, but i manage to find a possible fix.

    What i did was that i started to use a VPN and set my IP address to another region. After i started using this the problem was kinda fixed for me. Still is not a real fix to the problem and i would really like to play normally instead of using a VPN.

    Post edited by Enerjack on
  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    I still have it after the Oni patch, great.

  • BryzolaBryzola Member Posts: 13

    Same happens to me, almost EVERY game! 1 in 7 games it won't happen, but on all others I have to go back to the game start screen, go to the menu and them look for a game again.

    Besides that I can't see the other players or chat with them after the matches,and I'm stuck in a rank forever, it's really frustrating!

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