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Better Map Rotation?

I'm not sure about PS4 or PC, but on Xbox I seem to only be playing the Auto Haven and Coldwind every match. Once in a blue moon the game will sneak a MacMillan Estate in there, but unless someone uses an offering it's been the same two maps over and over again.

Are other platforms or even other Xbox users having this issue? Is it a coincidence?

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  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,431
    Accepted Answer

    I'm on PS4, and I keep getting The Pale Rose. Over and over again, I get The Pale Rose.

    I hate the swamp maps. This really needs to stop.

  • SamayelSamayel Member Posts: 33
    Accepted Answer

    To me it's 9/10 cornfields and 1/10 swamps maps.


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