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A change to Hex Perks

As a killer there's almost no feeling as bad as having a totem being cleansed early in the match when it hasn't even got any steam. These changes are to help with this, and hide them from survivors during the early game.

Hex Perk Reworks

All Hex perks will now only light up after a certain action is completed. Additionally, the Hex effect icon is only revealed after a certain action.

Devour Hope- Will only light up after gaining one token. Will be revealed after a survivor is hit with exposed effect or moried

Haunted Grounds- Will stay lit from the start of the trial. Will reveal itself after breaking and applying the exposed status. (This will let vigilant survivors know that this is either a trap, or make them ignore an early Ruin)

Huntress Lullaby- Will only light up after survivors fail a skillcheck, or the perk gains a token. Will only be revealed after failing a skillcheck, or after gaining 5 tokens.

No One Escapes Death- Will only light up after the exit gates are powered. Will only be revealed after a survivor is hit. (No real change here)

Ruin- Will stay lit from the start of the trial. Will be revealed after the first generator skillcheck.

The Third Seal- Will only light up and be revealed after hitting a survivor.

Thrill Of The Hunt- Will only light up and be revealed after a survivor interacts with a totem.

Killers will still be able to see the hex totem aura before it becomes lit , so if a survivor is cleansing a totem they can still defend it.

And that's basically my idea. Hope you all share your feedback on it.


  • DidiezDidiez Member Posts: 51

    I already said in the Discord but, here is my answer in the forum, I really thought the idea cool, and basically this will allow survivors that spawn right in front of the totem, but he won't know about it until he do a gen. This will help a lot killers, cause those totems break instantly, even after the totem adjustment update.

  • LarczLarcz Member Posts: 531

    Good idea why we dont have this in game alredy?!

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,854

    Interesting Idea! I suppose it would make dull totem a more interesting target for survivors.

    I suppose with this idea, if a survivor cleanses a 'dull totem' that is actually an unlit hex totems, they would still get the sound notification of a broken hex?

  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    Nice idea, it's really solid!

    I thought of maybe a perk where all totems are 'blocked', much like the generators can be.

    When the killer hits a survivor, the totems become protected by the entity for five seconds.

    However it only lasts for 5 seconds but does reset the survivor's progress on the totem, meaning they have to waste time cleansing it all over again. If the totem is being blocked, you do not get the benefits of it, so five or so seconds without that perk until the block is removed.

    The good thing is that, if you have the momentum, you can protect the totem for a long time. On the other hand, you will be denying a survivor from potentially cleansing haunted grounds.

    Sounds a little too strong for killers now that I have typed it out though.

    A while ago someone came up with the neat idea to let killers choose which totem has the perk by summoning it on the selected token they run up to.

  • prettyfprettyf Member Posts: 442

    this is direct buffing killer

    anyone can thought of these, gen buff etc

  • freddydeadpoolfreddydeadpool Member Posts: 15

    A bit late of a response, sorry haha. But yes, if a survivor is lucky enough to find an unlit totem that is actually a hex, they'd receive the points and sound cues that would tell them that they actually just cleansed a hex totem instead of a dull totem.

  • freddydeadpoolfreddydeadpool Member Posts: 15

    There's of course the risk of using these perks, but I just felt that it was generally too easy to find out and too easy to find. Particularly with something like Huntress Lullaby, the power would come from survivors needing to realize for themselves that they have a hex, rather than the icon instantly telling them as soon as a skillcheck appears. It's a two pronged change, making totems slightly harder to find, and slightly harder to see it's effect. And if I thought about the change with Lullaby, why not every other hex perk you know?

  • freddydeadpoolfreddydeadpool Member Posts: 15

    I also thought of the idea of giving the killer a way to place where they'd want their totems, but I thought that would've been a bit too much, and a bit too drastic of a change from what it is now. I wanted my idea to be easily understood, and easy to implement you know?

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