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New killers for Dead by Daylight wishlist

1.La LLorona (The Weeping Women)

2. The Purge



5.The Nun

6.Jason Voorhees



9.The Boogeyman


11.Bloddy Mary


13. Jacob Goodnight (See No Evil)

14. The Crooked Man

15. Annabelle Demon

16.The Pyramid Head(Silent Hill)

17. Samara Morgan(The Ring)

18.The Strangers Killers

19.Us Killers

20. The Graduate (Most Likely To Die)


  • DaedalusDaedalus Member Posts: 3

    Samara Morgan, Pyramid Head & The Crooked Man would be awesome.

  • KaranyatsuKaranyatsu Member Posts: 30

    I don't mean to discourage you, and I hope that you know that we probably aren't going to get all of these listed, but it is nice to think about. Having Pyramid head would be a lovely addition to the game.

  • VamplifeVoneVamplifeVone Member Posts: 13

    Candyman would be a great addition to DBD

  • KokibeanKokibean Member Posts: 3
    edited June 2019
    1. MC once said all the Killers in Dead by Daylight are of human origin... there will be no furries and Monsters ever bring sacrifices to the entity
    2. Since all Killers in the game are supposed to be human skip half of the list
    3. Pennywise is not only not a human but he is indeed an old god... just like the entity
    4. The Clown was the answer to all Pennywise requests.... so if you want to be a funny killer, play clown
    5. Did you really just add any killer from any movie you´ve ever seen to this list ? What about Hannibal Lecter or the Shark from Jaws ? King Kong, Godzilla and the 50 foot woman would also be nice.
    6. I hate those requests for more licensed Killers... all licensed Killers that made it into the game (besides Michael Myers) are crap compared to the original ones.
  • MalouffMalouff Member Posts: 1

    Candyman is summoned by saying his name five times in a mirror.

    So would you be invisible and only able to place mirrors into the environment and have to wait for a survivor to pass by five of them to become active?

    He would then be able to chase the survivor and have some of his abilities.

    Honestly, He would kind of be like if we had a Hellraiser Cenobite as a killer most likely Pinhead as they are only supposed to become active after solving a Lament Configuration Box.

    So Pinhead would also be invisible and only able to drop Lament Configuration Boxes (Traps) into the environment that once a player touches would activate could show them solving the box animation (everyone opens it so not like the Pig's chance or removing the mask) and then Instant Killed by Pinhead. No need for taking to the hooks (entity) as he would RIP them apart and they would end up in the labyrinth realm with Leviathan who is like the entity.

    I love both characters and they were both Human.

    However, some changes to them would be necessary as they would function like The Trapper's Ability of placing Traps but to enter another realm like The Nightmare (Freedy)

  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    I know it's been ruled out by Not_Queen, but my most requested killer would be The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers. Yes, yes, I know we refuse to give money to the sex-offender, but there has already been a debate about who actually would profit from including the Creeper, and he might not make a single penny from it.

    I don't think anyone has really been affected by it enough to mean it when they say "If they include the Creeper I would quit the game!!!", stop being dramatic.

    Creeper was my childhood nightmare, I love the creation of him, sucks that Victor had to go and stare at children.

  • Underwear_ModelUnderwear_Model Member Posts: 29

    I feel like Chucky is feasible. There would have to be ground traps that grab people's arms or something instead of hooks. He would really suck to face on corn field maps or shrubbery areas.

    Candyman is a good idea. Tony Todd is amazing!

    I actually had an idea on how the killer from Happy Death Day could be implemented. One obsession would be able to be downed in one shot, but that obsession gets to respawn after death. All generator progress by the obsession is regressed, and while they get an extra life, it also means more potential blood points for the killer.

  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    I'd like to see old Universal movie monsters like Wolfman or creature of the black lagoon. I feel I need to address the above Pyramid Head comments. As much as I like the character and franchise, he was intended to represent James Sunderland's punishment in Silent Hill 2, which is where he should stay. Sadly, he has been extremely over used and out of context FAR too many times. Plus he's very slow even if that weren't the case, and were to be added.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,890

    Nice wishlist here. I'll be honest, while i recognise most of those. There are a few that i never heard of... I should probably do something about it..

  • HooKMasterCHooKMasterC Member Posts: 2

    @TheShape78 I'm pretty sure in the future they are going to do a full old movie monster chapter I would like to see Dracula myself

  • Underwear_ModelUnderwear_Model Member Posts: 29

    Honestly I just want Chucky. I've already said there'd have to be arm traps on the ground instead of hooks, since Chucky is too short. For powers I think Chucky's initial strike should latch him on a survivor's back requiring button spam and skill checks to get him off. If they succeed he falls and is stunned, if they don't he lands a second strike and they enter dying state.

    If anyone tries to open a chest within a certain range the killer gets a warning and if they respond, there is a 50% chance Chucky will pop out of the chest when opened.

    Also when Chucky attacks he jumps up, performing a longer jump when lunge is used. If timed right this allows quick vaulting of all but pallets.

  • Underwear_ModelUnderwear_Model Member Posts: 29

    Chucky would also oddly have to be in 3rd person just so he could see anything.

  • leighia88leighia88 Member Posts: 3

    I want a Mad Hatter type, not so dark but creepily jolly. Have him throw cards, smash people with a tea cup, I dunno. As long as he laughs when he hooks you. He needs to come with a very colorful Alice n wonderland type map...

  • StevenWinchesterStevenWinchester Member Posts: 10

    I really love the idea of including La Llorona (I love mythology and folklore) but I don't see a way to include her without having also to add puddles and little water bodies to the maps, or to include maps designed for her...

  • DetectiveHoffman6000DetectiveHoffman6000 Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2019

    I'd really love to see Mick Taylor from the wolf creek movies in the game. He could have his rifle and some sort of sniper-ability, being able to shoot survivors through a long-raged scope like every 4 minutes or so.

    Predator and Alien are also a must have in my book. Preferably with a jungle and a spaceship map.

  • MoonwalkMyersMoonwalkMyers Member Posts: 82

    Pyramid Head with Heather as a Survivor.

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