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Balance Nurse

Will you please finally fix one of the biggest problems in the game for nearly 3 years? Nurse is insanely broken, why rush to fix Legion with how broken he was in just a few months, but just ignore this problem for so long?


  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 447

    nurse is perfectly fine. her add-ons do need work, but devs are already going over them.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

    The Nurse is on the list for an Add-on pass and that is sufficient.

    The Nurse is alright, it's her Add-ons that can make her nigh-impossible to counter unless you're a very skilled Survivors (which let's be honest, most Survivors these days aren't with their reliance on second chances).

  • prettyfprettyf Member Posts: 442

    i played just about 1weeks and all killed everyone since 3days

    this thing needs to fix with swf nerf and dc nerf

    if you decent at nurse you can all kill whatever survivors bring in match

    only exception is key

  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    Nurse is fine.

  • nichtRoxasnichtRoxas Member Posts: 67
    edited July 2019

    Nurse is not fine with her base kit. It doesn't reward bad players that much but if the Nurse is good there is nothing you can do. But I'm fine to see how it's gonna be when her addons are changed because I'm tired of seeing 3 blink Nurses with Range addons and Ruin or Omega Blink Nurses. I would like a change where the Nurse doesn't hit you before appearing I would be fine with that.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    Uh, you mean the only balanced killer in the game? Strongly disagree. Survivors can make a lot of mistakes and still win against any other killer. Not Nurse. Against her, you can win if you play smart. If you don't, you'll be obliterated. Fair is fair.

  • cwtferncwtfern Member Posts: 135

    Nurse is perfect.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    Her add-ons need a re-imagining but Nurse herself is fine. They should put their focus into balancing the other killers so they stop being laughing stocks.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,154

    I think sometimes its necessary to take a moment to remember something absolutely obvious abou nurse: she is ABSOLUTELY RELIANT ON HER ABILITY. She's slower than survivors and MUST (not can) use blinks for map pressure and chases.

    Her ability is strong bevause she's useless without it.

  • kakakakakakakaka Member Posts: 18

    "Against her, you can win if you play smart."

    i can't believe this isn't bait, yeah just play smart if you want to win, you realize this non argument applies to every single killer/survivor in the game right?

    oh, as nurse, if you want to win, just play smart and you'll get a 4k, i mean yeah, it's not impossible to escape a nurse that's not what's being discussed, the fact that she can easily negate the survivor's only way to deal directly with the killer is the problem, not only it dumbs down the game because it removes the main thing, the mind games, but it's also the only killer that can do it, it's pretty clear when they made this game that they wanted people to distract the killers, running around in circles, baiting, mind games such as fake vaulting a window, using pallets is all a fundamental part of this game that nurse completely ignores and dumbs down the match.

    i'm not saying you're 100% dead once you face her, because obviously every killer has the advantage in a 1v1 by design, add bloodlust to the mix, but the value is the time that is being wasted, nurse removes that aspect completely out of the game, i mean i know reasoning in these types of forums is without a point because people just want their class buffed and always act as the victim but when you do at least present somewhat of an argument.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    @kakakaka @adalesmo and others: you completely miss the point. First off, Nurse doesn't remove mindgames, in fact, mindgames are exactly what you need to outplay her (break line of sight and force her to guess incorrectly what direction you're running).

    What's more important is that she's the only killer who can negate the dumbest and most annoying element of the game: mindless running around pallets for ages, which is only possible because of different collision size of killers and survivors. Horribly boring stuff. I don't want to get into the question whether it is intended or not, or whether it's exploiting or not. But the point is, with any killer, even if you play flawlessly, you can't get a 3-4K if survivors play correctly. Basically, your success depends on their mistakes, no matter how skilled you are. Whereas with Nurse, if you play well, you'll get results.

    The problem is, most survivors are used to the dumb mechanics of looping and the large number of pallets. The moment they face a killer that needs a different approach, they give up. Which is sad: believe me, once you figure out the best way to outplay a Nurse, it's extremely satisfying. Not saying it's easy (hell no), but do you seriously want to play the same repetitive game of dancing around pallets forever?

  • kakakakakakakaka Member Posts: 18

    completely wrong victim mentality, believe it or not, the element of distraction is actually intended in the game, and yeah i know, shocking news! pallets and loops are a steady part of the game which, prepare yourself, is intended to be "annoying" for the killer, well, annoying is very subjective isnt it, maybe at a survivor pov there are many "annoying" things a killer could do like, i dont know, one shotting huntress hatchets? oh but dont mind me im just going on a tangent afterall.

    also which point am i missing? really because what i did by quoting your post is highlighting how stupid your non argument sounds like, what am i missing exactly there? it's not like you formulated some long post elaborating why you disagree with op.

    mindgames occur against every single killer, believe it or not, and i am really tired of saying this but EVERY SINGLE killer has the advantage in a 1v1, and the longer that 1v1 goes the harder it gets for the survivor which is completely fine, i think they did a good job there, i think bloodlust is fine and balanced, but with nurse you dont even need that, while i agree that there is some sort of mindplay even against nurse, she can just blink, and tricking her into running in another direction isnt really the best kind of mindgame since she can have multiple blinks while still lunging right after a blink, if she is really good you're not going to outsmart her, you simply wont, maybe a bad one yeah but if you master her the gap between survivor-killer is just too huge, now i dont expect you to agree with me here as you sound like some sort of victim mentality killer who thinks the survivors have such a HUGE advantage, the fact that you say this "with any killer, even if you play flawlessly, you can't get a 3-4K if survivors play correctly." just highlights my point of your victimization, actually yeah, you can get a 4k with any killer at any rank believe it or not, i'll agree some killers are much worse than others and need a buff but nurse is just way too overpowered and has been for a while now.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270
    edited July 2019

    @kakakaka first, please don't go too far with bellicose approach ("stupid non arguments" and so on), I don't think screaming at each other gets us anywhere. Thanks.

    As for pallet looping, the worst thing about it is not how "annoying" it is (maybe I shouldn't have used that word), but how stupid the mechanic itself is. DBD is supposed to be a game where normal humans are being chased by a semi-supernatural, relentless killer. The fact that you can be more effective as a survivor if you keep running around the same object for a long time turns the whole game into a circus. Many players compared this to Benny Hill or Tom & Jerry, and with good reason. I know realism is not the most important thing to consider, but there should be some basic standards at least. How exactly is Legion larger than Jeff or Jane? And how on earth would any of us decide to run in circles if chased by a horrific killer, instead of doing the sane thing and run away from him; yes, in a straight line, as far as we can, and try to hide.

    Also, there's a balance factor. A survivor doesn't need to be good to stall the killer for 3-4 gens. If I only make a few circles around every pallet, without any mind games, without any attempt to bait an attack, just drop them after a few rounds, I can still go from pallet to pallet and keep it up long enough for my team to get down to 1-2 gens. With minimal brainwork. I find it absurd. I understand most people prefer chases as opposed to stealth, but it makes a mockery of not just the killer but the whole atmosphere of the game.

    And again: playing Clown, Pig, Wraith or any other bottom feeder on high ranks is a loss if survivors are actually doing their objectives when not chased. You can win, sure, but it's not up to you with these killers: no matter how hard you try, your success is reliant of them not doing their job.

    And finally, you say, "if she is really good you're not going to outsmart her"... yeah, sure. Question is, can you outsmart her for long enough to buy time for your teammates to do objectives. Not at all impossible. I've done it, it has been done to me as well... sure, it requires more effort than looping. But that's the beauty of it.

  • kakakakakakakaka Member Posts: 18

    why are you suddenly trying to bring realism into the game? saying things aren't supposed to be when they clearly are? pallet looping and stalling is a legitimate mechanic that takes skill, you realize right that it's much harder to pallet loop than it is for a killer to catch the pallet looper? and let's not even bring in the fact that killers have 0 ping hence hosting the game so you can't even stun them reliably because you have to factor in the lag.

    you're taking a stance on pallet looping that is way too personal and you're making it such a big deal as if a survivor can pallet loop a killer for the whole game, which isn't true with mind games/bloodlust you can stop that, also pallet spawns aren't even as generous as they once were so i really dont see your point, are you trying to get a mediocre mechanic changed? what will you get out of removing pallet looping? let's take a second to analyze this game without pallet looping, the only objective would be doing gen and any second that you're not doing gens you're not being productive, every chase won't even require a single bloodlust stack to end in the killers favor (with most killers), seriously your stance is just biased and you fail to acknowledge a different pov, instead of belittling it, i seriously cannot take your opinion seriously, i still agree that some killers may need certain buffs but on topic, the nurse needs a nerf and survivors are not the problem, the only debatable problem i'd discuss is swf and tweak toolboxes a little to repair slower but the rest is fine and i won't even keep on arguing you with that, if you dislike pallet looping/chases as a mechanic i'd suggest you to change game because they're not going anywhere anytime soon, they've always been her and always will.

  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 447

    i know i shouldn't be advertising my own thread, but instead of typing out an entire 37892478934 word long paragraph, here's a excerpt from https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/73074/opinions-on-the-whole-nerf-nurse-discussion#latest ;

    "1.) Nurse is only as good as the player who's using her.

    Nurse isn't too powerful if the person who's playing as her doesn't know how to read survivors or maneuver her in a way that a higher-tier Nurse would. If you're a beginner at playing as a Nurse, it'll be noticed right off the bat, and survivors already have the upper-hand.

    2.) You really need to think when it comes to playing as that killer.

    When playing as good ol' Sally, you need to consider the amount of thinking that goes into playing her as well; between learning how most survivors move, how to handle range and get to areas quicker, learning how to control and apply pressure, handling your character if there's perks or add-ons applied, tracking wounded survivors, etc.

    There's a lot that goes into this killer.

    3.) She isn't actually as powerful as people think she is.

    While good Nurse players can karate chop you as soon as they see you, and that it's hard to lose a good Nurse, she can only do so much with her blinks and movement. Blinks have a fatigue time for a reason, and there's certain areas in a map that she either can't reach, has a hard time blinking onto or constantly comes in contact with when blinking, or can easily lose LOS on a survivor on. She has a bunch of counterplays that people aren't aware of. Pallets are also good against the Nurse if you're able to read the killer as well. While looping isn't technically an option against a good Nurse, you're still able to put some distance between you and her while she's getting ready to blink.

    She's also able to be juked. Quite a lot, actually.

    You rarely see it with good Nurses because of how well they can perform, but even a "God-tier" Nurse can have a hard time with a survivor that knows how to break her non-existent ankles.

    Also, pacing of the game is incredibly important when going against a Nurse. She can either be up to speed, or falling behind depending on how quickly objectives and totems are being done. Immersion in-game is also important if you know your maps. It's all in knowing your pressure and timing. The quicker you get things done, the slower the Nurse becomes.

    4.) Most of the time, her add-ons aren't as useful.

    This is a big one. Yes, some can help in a chase, and some can cater to another person's playstyle depending on the Nurse, but lets be honest here;

    the only incredibly useful add-ons are the ones that assist with her blinks (lower fatigue time, increased range, time between blinks, and occasionally additional blinks themselves).

    Depending on who you're playing against, her add-ons can actually be her downfall, so it's good to pay attention to what she might be using. Does she have multiple blinks? Is her range a lot longer than a normal Nurse? Is her fatigue time more quicker? Does she chain-blink quicker than usual?

    These are questions you have to ask yourself when playing against a Nurse. Then, you have to learn to adapt to the add-ons depending on what she has. You can come up with a lot of chase plans that are efficient if you consider the playstyle. The same can go for perks too!"

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    @kakakaka ok, I summarize it as short as possible: Nurse is a threat. If she finds you, you're bound to go down sooner or later. That's how it should be in a 4v1 game. 

  • prettyfprettyf Member Posts: 442

    hey, don't try to persuade na/eu players

    cause its fact for them, especially in this time... great sale season

    and try nurse like me you can all kill everytimes and earns tons of points

    also don't have to equip chase perks!

  • kakakakakakakaka Member Posts: 18

    you're actively ignoring every single point i made which you should try to confute instead if you think they're wrong.

    the point you made could be easily said about every single killer because even the worst killer is able to down a survivor eventually, i still stand by the fact that addons make the nurse way too powerful, thanks for nothing.

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