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Camping, Tunneling and Slugging are fine and fair.



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    Camping is mostly done by low low rank Killers that rely on it too much to get a kill in any match. While this is considered a "strategy" it shouldn't be something you do every game to achieve a kill. Camping should only be done by beginners that're getting a feel for the game, its not supposed to be a primary means of getting anything done. Only during specific circumstances is it acceptable, like if you saw a Survivor previously where you hooked a Survivor, but if you don't find them in the area just move on. Or if you hook a Survivor right next to a open gate.

    Tunneling is a different story, while I can mostly say its taboo to do... Its only "acceptable" when a Survivor literally grabs the other Survivor off the hook right in-front of your face. You down the previously hooked Survivor, than go after the rescuer. That's about it, otherwise if you tunnel a Survivor to death its considered pretty cowardly and unfair, as I am a Killer main... but I also play Survivor and have been tunneled to death. Its sort of a "Treat people the way you want to be treated as a Survivor" type mentality.

    As for slugging that is by all means a strategy, it is utilized pretty often at high ranks, and by all means acceptable to do (in public standards I mean.) by no means should you be ashamed for doing... for example, slugging little johnny because a Nea with a flashlight wont stop following you for that sweaty save. Or slugging a previously hooked survivor like mentioned above and going after the rescuer. If you put slugging together with Camping or Tunneling than you're either a Survivor Main or uneducated in why it is very viable at high ranks.

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    I want to correct this - mori spam if done over a extended amount of time is considered griefing and thus a bannable offense.

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    There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these.

    Slugging is necessary to win some games.

    Tunneling is the killer equivalent of gen rush. It's the killer doing their objective, and even more so it is often the most effective way to do their objective. If it's not the smart play than the survivors then get a chance to punish the killer accordingly.

    Similarly, camping is sometimes the correct and even necessary play. When it's not, survivors have every opportunity to punish the killer. The "bad" forms of camping are mainly a thing past rank 15 because survivors as an overall group aren't willing to do this.

    If you don't like any of these tactics, you should be lobbying the devs for changes instead of complaining about things people have been salty about for 3+ years now.

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    As a survivor main I've never ever had a problem with slugging, even when I was new. As for Camping and Tunneling they aren't really fair, because it kinda sucks for the survivor, but they aren't OP strategies. Camping and Tunneling leaves 3 ppl do whatever (in the case of tunneling it leaves 1 person unhooking, and 2 ppl still doing gens maybe briefly leaving to get the unhook then going back when the other survivor beat them to the hook), which means an easy counter is gen rush which is btw pretty unfun for killers. But is Gen Rush unfair? No, because they're doing the objective, just like the killer is doing their objective of killing survivors in the way they know how.

  • pabloddiablo316pabloddiablo316 Member Posts: 84

    Because when it every flipping game it is removing all the fun out of the game, "Oh yeah lets wait 15 mins or so for a game 5 BPS/gateux are played, killer camps and tunnles eve1 to death in a ew mins, ppl quit the game.

    I started playing just b4 Freddy came out and have just about had enough of playing both sides, I made something like 40 friends playing this game now 1 of them plays regular and shes thinking of quitting too

    Last night I had a round got sandbagged by a David (admittedly thats a different matter) downed by GF facecamped til death got all of 1k points and had played a gateux. I get that its a game and the killers job is to kill but all that is happening and I am seeing it all the time now is ppl Dcing in game as soon as downed cos they are convinced they will be camped or if rescued tunnelled at once.

    I play both sides about 50-50 and since the de rank limit of 15 has gone there are loads of P3 survivors with all T3 purple perks bullying less skilled players or new players.

    Never mind the match making too, why the hell should a rank 13 killer face 4 rank 1? its broken and I am not the only one at th end of my tether.

    Tunneling, slugging Camping (at end of round to defend the sacrifice I get but making the game no fun for someone right from the start? Just bad form. Its a game, its supposed to be fun, whats fun about being dead 3 mins into a game after waiting for 15 mins to even get a lobby?

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    The same can be told for the gen rush how is fun for the killer to wait for 10/15/20 minute for him to play a game that lasts 5-6 min, how is fun for the killer when the survivors can take away his/her power and force them to follow the survivors from loop to loop. You can say " yes if you have a problem with gen rush and looping just put the X perk and you will be ok " but this is not true every single good killer perk have a lot of counterplay that weakness so the survivors can play around it without the need of specific perk. In the other hand survivors, perks don't have this and many time force killer to play with the X perk just in case they can have fun. How that fun?

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