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Opinions on the whole "Nerf Nurse" discussion?



  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911

    you can say this as many times as you want, but if a nurse is any good at all, attempting to loop her (not just mindlessly running around her, i mean predicting her movements) results in her hitting you. if she had one blink, she'd be loopable in this way, but she has two chances to adjust herself at a loop, which means she hits you if she's any good

    and in no way am i suggesting that nurse should get one blink (if she did she'd need to at least have 110 ms if not 115), and i don't know what kinds of nurses you tend to play against, but trying to loop a good nurse is a death sentence. no amount of prediction really matters at that range

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Easy fix get rid of double stun on nurse

  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911

    you seem like a really productive person to talk to

  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911

    i was talking about all loops, not just open car loops like on autohaven

    if you aren't running iron will running a nurse around even a high wall macmillan loop doesn't work

    i know what they were talking about, they're just wrong

    and in your case, all i'm seeing you do is strawman everyone's arguments into "nerf anything that is hard for survivors" because you're too lazy to respond to anything they are actually saying

  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 417

    actually, there's a known glitch for all killers that sometimes they'll ignore pallet suns.

    it happened with me a few games ago while playing as wraith. while yes, it needs to be readjusted, it's also a known bug.

  • chunkycheese21chunkycheese21 Member Posts: 27

    So should we nerf the hell out of Hag too since she can pass through objects? Obviously not; The class requires skill after all.

  • VisionmakerVisionmaker Member Posts: 2,051

    I'm pretty sure they patched the bug where you swing and the momentum is sucked into the dropped pallet.

    The "feature" I am referring to is the one where she keeps floating and is allowed to continue her blink or swing despite getting stunned and the survivor being awarded for the pallet stun event.

  • SkittlesthehuskySkittlesthehusky Member Posts: 417

    oh, that's not the bug i'm talking about. there's a pallet stun bug that even makes the "stun" drop sound as it hits the killer, but the killer doesn't receive the penalty for being hit.

    it commonly happens while picking up a survivor.

    that "feature" you're describing is also another bug. it's been there ever since nurse's rework.

  • VisionmakerVisionmaker Member Posts: 2,051
    edited July 2019

    The stun not affecting pick ups is not a bug, per se. It is meant to be timed precisely. The killer has to be able to move before they get stunned. Yes, the failed pick up stuns looks exactly like the Nurse "feature", but now that I think about it, they're probably tied to the same mechanic.

    Simply put, the Nurse is considered to be "in the middle of animation" when teleporting too long.

    A year ago, when they "reworked Nurse" there was a time when she was crippled because she could be stunned in the middle of her trajectory, and suffer both the pallet stun and the power stun. I'd like a reasonable middle ground, where she would be put into her power-stun if she lands under a pallet, just like how Spirit gets stunned when she phases under a pallet.

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 301

    I hope not I know the devs and this forum don’t give a [BAD WORD] about console but nerfing her in anyway due to crybaby pc casuals that somehow made it to red ranks and can’t handle one of the few viable killers will make her even less useful on console. This dev team really need to start thinking about the differences between the platforms especially if they are even thinking about crossplay.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,701

    Nurse's major issue is that she takes a lot of practice to play well, but the payoff for playing her well is far beyond reasonable.

    Everyone always seems to be of the opinion that just because they play a lot of Nurse, that makes it ok that she's completely game-breaking. In a single player game, sure, but when you're up against other people, their skill level shouldn't be completely null and void just because of the character you picked.

    Mostly her add ons need to be seriously taken down a notch.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,701

    Personally I'd like to see her stunned if the pallet is dropped on her, regardless of whether she's currently blinking or not. Make it override the fatigue, there's no need for both, but pallets SHOULD hold some form of strength/defense for survivors. Insane map mobility and avoiding most obstacles is already an overwhelming advantage without literally ignoring a well timed stun.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,294


    You know why Nurse is strong? It's because survivors don't use their first line of defense, stealth and they resort to their second line of defense, looping. The clip below shows you what will happen if you don't use stealth against a Nurse AKA her counter. Btw, Nurse isn't easy mode either, especially when I'm a console Nurse main.

    Also, props to the survivors in this clip, they took the loss like a champ and gave me great compliments about my Nurse! They are amazing players in my opinion. :)

  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911
    edited July 2019

    no, nurse is not strong because survivors try to loop her. no smart survivor attempts to loop a nurse. nurse is strong because survivors have no real option against her in a chase besides break line of sight and hope she screws up. it's similar to why spirit is strong, but nurse can more reliably down survivors in chases and has far better map pressure, putting her in a class of her own (this is why every killer tier list worth discussing puts nurse in the S tier above every other killer)

    "stealth" is a shaky topic in this game; you can hide from a nurse until she finds you with a tracking perk, but while you do so you aren't accomplishing anything. you can't both stealth and do objectives, go for saves etc. and if you're stealthing, the nurse is on someone else who isn't

    this game is largely based around a cat-and-mouse version of balance. killer chases survivor, survivor employs whatever tactics they can to stall the chase for as long as possible so that their team can do objectives. sure, there are times when hiding is smart, but a lot of the time it results in wasted time that you could be using for completing objectives. nurse is the only killer that doesn't adhere to this sense of balance, because any decent killer who knows how to track, nurse or not, isn't just going to lose you mid-chase unless you do some incredible houdini trick with a perk like quick and quiet + have iron will since survivors are now loud again, so using stealth once a nurse has found you isn't a realistic possibility. and like what has already been established, a good nurse cannot be looped. this results in a good nurse downing survivors extremely quickly once she has found them with little resistance, because a survivor's options once they've been found by a nurse are extremely limited

    the best way to play against a good nurse isn't to hide from her, it's to do generators as quickly as possible. unhook as quickly as possible, don't bother healing, do generators and hope that the map allows you to break LoS from the nurse as much as you can (maps like blood lodge are a big RIP)

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919
    1. Agreed. All the other killers can only react to what the survivors are doing. They're not really in command.
    2. Agreed. At some point, after breaking the barrier, you'll start relying more on muscles and impulse decision-making than thinking. Here's where Nurses achieve the title of God.
    3. The developers have shown statistics where the Nurse often get a lot of 4ks but also the most 0ks out of all the killers, proving point nr 1 even more.
    4. Some are literally useless while other ones skyrockets her power level. They need a rework.
    5. Maps have a long history of [BAD WORD] up Nurse, making them the greatest enemy of all Nurse killers.
  • NUrse is controversial. just leave her and spirit alone until we see what happens with these map reworks and if they buff every other m1 killer. Although i wouldnt mind Nurse's broken addon COMBOS adjusted.It sucks that devs balance for low casuals and passionate fans of this game get treated like dogshit.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 819
  • VisionmakerVisionmaker Member Posts: 2,051

    When would low casuals even run into good Nurses? I hardly ran into any Nurse from Rank 16 to 4.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited July 2019

    I mno tsaying talking about nurse when i said low casuals get the best treatment. I meant people who play this game more than those casuals get to experience dc's, lags, anything else you can think of that is not good for the game more than the casuals and killers just arent balanced at high ranks so people play nurse fro that reason

  • ItsYourBoyGuzmaItsYourBoyGuzma Member Posts: 799

    So spending hours playing a certain character , learning their strengths and weaknesses , muscle memory attack/actions and becoming too good with them isnt allowed .....


    imagine if other game developers would nerf pro players best played character in any game just because they were too good.

    That's literally what youre saying, good thing the devs don't read your comments

  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911
    edited July 2019

    i don't "accuse" you of strawmanning, you strawmanned people's arguments into simply wanting things to be easy for survivors, rather than fixing things that break the game. it's reductive and belittles people's positions. the MYC point was just an example of nurse turning something that is normally reasonable into something completely absurd because of how she's designed

    nothing you have said contradicts the problems with nurse, just more insisting that she doesn't break the game and that needing perks to win vs her is fair and balanced

    the depip squad reference completes the picture

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