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The new hair cosmetics

SkidSkid Member Posts: 15

All of them are very well done, especially Kate’s and some of Nea’s. However Nea’s green hair cosmetic from the mean streets has some serious problems with giant bald spots on the back of her head and when she moves certain ways you can see so much of her scalp. It looks like she’s got mange or something


  • AuriellaAuriella Member Posts: 30

    I hate kate's new hair and the new texture don't suit nea either!

  • RamiSamiiRamiSamii Member Posts: 156

    Seeing her scalp was an issue from the start. Post hair rework, Whipping Nea sharp around a quick turn would make that same hairstyle clip into her head and show the bald scalp underneath. Could also just be done by spinning her around in the shop. Sounds like her hair needs to be looked at once more.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,062

    I agree that Nea's green hair needs fixing.

    Kate's original hair is better than the updated version. The big curls in front are much less attractive, now. Also, the blood on the P3 hair looks bad. Really bad.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718

    She's really the Entity in human form. You're just seeing her true self. XD

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