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What is you biggest "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" moments in dbd?

PizzaBoiPizzaBoi Member Posts: 7

This ranges from sad to impressed about something you've done in dbd.

I had killed three rank 20s without knowing and I felt terrible about it ;^;


  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,127

    Greatest was my five gen chase with my meme build (no mither,OoO,diversion and autodidact)

    Worst was when I dropped right in front of the killer.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,977

    I was levelling up the bloodweb for Spirit and on one side of the Bloodweb was level 3 Brutal Strength (which I wanted) and on the other was Coulrophobia (which I didn't). Not only that, If I chose Brutal Strength the Entity would have been forced to eat almost half of the entire bloodweb andI would get a Gateau and a Survivor Pudding.

    So I started making my way to Coulrophobia and as soon as I picked it I realised, "What have I done? My brain just [BAD WORD] T-bagged me and DC'd!")

    I still don't have level 3 Brutal Strength but at least survivors in my terror radius have a 30% penalty to healing now. 😫

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,043

    I played a billy ritual and I’m really bad as/new to him as him and got a SWF squad with purple ranks so it was insult to injury, decided to switch back to my main Myers and put up a pudding, (didn’t feel like putting up a cake after the billy SWF match) only to see a nea with a flashlight, a pink haired nea, a meg and a Dwight, the offerings were two event cakes, one escape cake, my pudding and a haddonfield offering so I expected the worst. Was going okay until first chase, having a survivor run into me. Thought it was just a normal bad play.

    Had some healing in front of me later when I went to investigate a discordance gen and hit down the meg and swiped at Dwight, and he even returned wounded to tap it as it was almost done. Hooked the meg and from there it all went downhill, they let the meg die on her first hooking (Dwight was self caring in a corner), I somehow snuck up on a nea doing a gen with t3 and hooked her, found another nea still wounded who ran into me, hooked her and found Dwight via BBQ hiding in a corner just as the neas gave up on the hook, I t3’d him then carried him around looking for the hatch because I felt bad, couldn’t find it and just hooked him. (Also remembered the last time I did this/gave the hatch to be nice I got abused by other survivors so I was a little panicked)

    Turns out the ranks were around 16-18 with one rank 10 and I was rank 14 (haven’t played killer much since reset) they all only got around 2-5000 points I felt so bad. I decimated them after they put up cakes which are rare for survivors. I felt like such a monster, I didn’t even have time to slow up a bit for them because it all went downhill so fast...😭😰 still feel terrible and it happened hours ago...😔

  • LaraVermillionLaraVermillion Member Posts: 75

    This happened when I was still under 100 hours of gameplay and learning the ropes as survivor. An SWF friend saved me from a camping Billy and let me run before him so he could tank a hit or juke him away if he revved the chainsaw. There was one pallet a few metres away from the open exit gate and billy was chasing us. My friend told me in TeamSpeak that he had the plan of dropping the pallet into the oncoming chainsaw attack and I should pass through it before him and head straight out. Bit I was so adrenaline kicked IRL that I immediately dropped the pallet, my friend running straight into it and billy sawing him from behind.

    I still feel bad about this although it's been over two years now ._.

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    I was slug sparing, and I let a baby rank 20 Dwight bleed out because I was looping too close to him to let people heal him :( This counts as a mortal sin, I know. ;-;

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,382

    The first thing I thought about was: "installing the game!" but that's pretty evil xD. It's not even true. I like the game but at the moment I do a break from it.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,581

    Jumped through a window into The Huntresses waiting arms.

    I mean... I'm ok with that...

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,287

    When a survivor DCs because of my Nurse. I feel really bad about it to be honest. :(

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Had blood warden and noed on Freddy (Back when I was rank 15) hooked a guy and got the rest in the exit gate.

    They were t-bagging and all that. Got a message from them all being toxic because they were swf!

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Mod Posts: 6,270

    I think this is pretty relatable: when you pop a hex totem just a second before someone gets hit... and it was Haunted Grounds! Woopsie!

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 1,397

    I have never done or caused such a thing. I don't know watcha talking about :^)

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    I once Sparta kicked a survivor off of the Pale Rose.

    Some Claudette was running from my Wraith like criminal scum runs from an Oblivion guard. As we passed the generator on the second floor I struck the Claudette so hard that she seemed to lose all collision and fall straight from the top floor to the swamp about 16 meters away.

    Needless to say we were both surprised.

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