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Decisive Strike doesn't stun and release if hit under the hook

boksunghwaboksunghwa Member Posts: 15

Platform: PC

Description: A survivor hits DS but doesn't get off the shoulder nor stuns the killer when he/she is farmed off the hook and can't make any distance away.

[[ Backstory: I was farmed off the hook today and immediately downed before I could move by Michael Myers. The killer picked me up right after so I couldn't crawl away. I hit my DS (I heard the "Great skill check" noise) but it didn't stun the killer nor did it release me from his shoulders and he just put me back on the hook (I assume he was just spamming space bar to get the hook after the pick-up). ]]

Steps to reproduce: I was unable to get footage for this one but to reproduce I think it can be done by

  1. hitting the unhooked survivor before they can move at all from under the hook
  2. picking survivor up facing the hook before survivor can crawl any distance away
  3. be spamming space bar during pick up animation to put them back up on hook again

^ Even if the survivor hits DS, they won't get off in that situation.

How often does this occur: Whenever a survivor hits DS under the hook without being able to make any distance away from the hook.

I'm not sure if this is a repost or not. Either way, thanks for reading and hope this is fixable issue as this kind of situation is one where I would most desire to use my DS (being farmed and unable to run away at all).


  • boksunghwaboksunghwa Member Posts: 15
    edited July 2019

    Oops I meant to post this in the Perks and Add-on forum, sorry! Can a moderator move this thread? If not can it be closed and I can just remake it in the proper section?

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