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Freddy good now?

BithardBithard Member Posts: 406

Like the look of the rework, he can actually apply pressure instead of just slowing things down a little bit.

I do think he should be able to warp to finished gens so he isn't becoming weak towards the end.

I don't understand the passive sleep timer either. If you miss a skill check does it reset the timer? Or can you reset it with the clocks? That would probably make it impossible to put people to sleep.


  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    If you think it's a little bit then you don't play him enough.

  • BithardBithard Member Posts: 406

    @Hag.is.Dtier nope, I mainly play survivor. If I do play killer it's either to learn how to counter them or just for fun. I've never really been slowed that much by freddy though.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    The clocks arnt there unless youre asleep. Its like trying to get the key from a pig's puzzle box before you get a helmet. My biggest concern with this is that I feel like since survivors will constantly be falling asleep over and over anyway, actually taking the time to wake up wont be that big a deal. Why should I cross the map to get an alarm clock that is guarenteed to be as far from me as possible if Im just gonna have to do it all over again 60 seconds later? And expecially since being awake wont really affect me if Im not in a chase anyway... This is wasted time on the potential advantage of denying Freddy his chase power in the off chance that he'll just happen to start chasing you within the next 60 seconds.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    My point exactly. A god Freddy will slow the game down so much the survivors will be bored out of their skulls. I'll link how's it hangings channel.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398
    edited July 2019

    And the dream transition mindgame guide: https://youtu.be/0rTtr7pUe-Q

  • BithardBithard Member Posts: 406

    @Hag.is.Dtier I will check it out, it's really rare to see the god level Freddy mains.

    @killermain6@KillermainBTWm8 6I'm sure people will adapt. He sounds a lot better but we won't know till people try him. Hopefully it will go from "Oh good it's a freddy" to "Oh ######### it's a Freddy"

    *won't let me delete the wrong tag 😂

  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

    New Freddy will only be better on maps like Bedham Asylum and Temple of Purgation.

    Will be considerably worse than Old Freddy on any other maps, pretty much.

  • Murph203Murph203 Member Posts: 27

    Not imo. Teleportation has an extremely long cooldown and eventually becomes useless. Dream pallets seem good but are add-on limited. Snares seem weak. Being asleep has a much smaller effect and its way too easy to wake up from.

    Old Freddy was nowhere near as bad as they say and was just memed hard. He had great stall and the seven second transition could be used in your favor. New Freddy looks like a ######### hag-pig baby.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    I think he should have aura reading from survivors that stay in the dream world for too long or those survivors should have repair speed penalty after beeing too much time sleeped. Something to compel them to wake up

  • FrozenscumFrozenscum Member Posts: 393

    We do not know yet until we test him on PTB. But judging on all recent changes to existing Killers and new ones he will be probably just another M1 Killer. Survivors have more opportunities to wake up, his Dream State is not stalling and tracking instrument anymore so there is no much reason to wake up also. He can drop slowdown traps, but it is same as Clown - pretty good 1v1, but awful map pressure. Fake pallets are same as Doctor's, but it is still not much help.

    I do not expect lot from this change, I tend to think Freddy will be worse than he is now. Now he is unique, and played properly he can be stalling machine, he has drawbacks, but also interesting features and mindgames during transition time.

    Unfortunately devs are bad at playing their own game, so they apply changes based on their poor skill as both sides without consulting with top tier players.

  • BithardBithard Member Posts: 406

    @RoKrueger I agrre with you there. It shouldn't be instant otherwise it will just create another legion situation everytime he hits you but I am up for effects over time. Slow down, aura reading maybe even 1 hit down if you are asleep for a long time.

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