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Decisive Strike: Anti-Tunneling Perk

JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
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Here is a suggestion for a slight change to the perk that both sides can agree with:

Currently, DS is working on a timer based system, however, in some cases you are simply slugged for the minute which doesn't mean you weren't tunneled at least to the ground. On the killer's perspective you can have 3 other hooks within the timer and you are still considered 'hit' by this 'anti-tunneling' perk. Both sides of the situation are not counter-play more like an exploitable work around on both sides.

Suggestion: Once you are unhooked you have no timer as to when this can happen. If you are either slugged or picked up from the time you were unhooked without another hook taking place. You simply get ds upon your next pickup. This means it is anti-tunneling in any form. Counter: Actually go after the unhooker simple as that. If you are dumb enough to be close enough to the hook at which the unhooker just got hooked at to be downed. You simply... don't deserve the free escape. That was a bad play on your end and you should be punished not rewarded for it. Oh look my immunity isn't up let me go farm that teammate since we got ds. You know the 'Anti Tunneling' perk. Although, I agree it is a better state than it has ever been. It simply isn't anti-tunneling it is free immunity.

Side Suggestion: Might be nullified upon heal -> Not sure if needed.

Killer Perspective: Free Immunity Timer Does Not Equal Tunneling. Solved by actually deactivating when someone else is hooked.

Survivor Perspective: Tunneling Sucks. You have longer to use it when you are actually slugged/tunneled off your hook.


  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,599
    edited July 2019

    For this change to work, yeah: DS would have to be nulled by a full heal.

    The attitude that DS is a 'free immunity timer' flies in the face of my experiences, though. I simply disagree that it's that big of a problem. In the scenario you describe: down both the unhooker and unhooked. You now have two people not doing gens. Picking people up and hooking them isn't what's important, it's increasing gen pressure in whatever way is most expedient.

    A version of tru3ta1ent's revision that I like would be: if you're the first person downed after you get unhooked, it activates with no time limit. If someone else is downed first, DS doesn't activate.

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  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    @ElusivePukka I would test with and without heal. Not sure if it is that important. Secondly I am not saying it is a big problem. "You know the 'Anti Tunneling' perk. Although, I agree it is a better state than it has ever been. It simply isn't anti-tunneling it is free immunity." I agree it is a lot better than it use to be. However, if they want to make it an anti-tunneling perk. Actually do so. Not half-ass the design.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,599
    edited July 2019

    My revision highlighting a version of tru3's idea for a DS fix is where I would go.

    Giving everyone a free DS, no matter how long they're slugged or what happens in the meantime, that's a 'free pickup immunity' moreso than what we have now. Requiring an actual hook in between means that savvy survivors can optimize who is downed when, and make active DS perks mark the designated runner/looper.

    I'd actually go a step further, and disallow DS activation if someone else is downed first or if someone is fully healed.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
    edited July 2019

    Downed first rather than a hook nullifier is actually worse. That incentives the slugging. However, slug unhooker then go slug the ds user and go back for the hook. I am saying with a hook requirement the time they have to get away is a lot longer. If they linger and go down it is nothing more than their bad play. Being downed first usually won't happen. Making the hook a requirement means they have a chance to at least get away from the hook. You still have the option to eat the ds which means tunneling can still be a viable thing. However, having it activate if they were slugged/picked up before another person is hooked is by definition what tunneling is. Which is what Is what my idea prevents. If you have a coordinated team you will eat all 4 ds's in a match not even depending if you tunneled or not. As I said it isn't anti-tunnel it is immunity timer. My 'free pickup immunity' is based off the definition of being tunneled off a hook. Not a timer that is 3/4ths a set of gens of immunity.

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