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Buff killers?

SirPiggySirPiggy Member Posts: 52

I don't think it's fair, or fun to only play, or vs hillbilly, nurse, spirit, and sometimes huntress, only because they're the only viable killers that can apply enough pressure to stop genrush.

Sure, you can play weaker killers for fun, but I know it's not fun to always loose. It's not fun to get looped for 2-3 gens either. Everyone hates nurse, but why? Because she is what a killer should be? A scary killer? She is only as good as the player, and she is the hardest to get good at, so can we make killers as strong as nurse? Not with blinks obviously, but that pressure that she can apply, maybe speed up all killers? Gens also need to be slower because my God, when that ruin gets found within that 1 minute, the survivors will genrush the hell out of you. Maybe we need to make gens 100 seconds instead of 80? Or maybe 120 seconds. If you get only great skill checks, you can get a gen done sooo much faster, maybe don't make killers addons reliant?


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