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Anti Slug

MunixMunix Member Posts: 24
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Please, put in something to go against this mechanic. It's basically camping a hook without the hook and 0 fun for anyone. Ruining the game for at least 1 person, but probably more. My idea was a 1% increase to wiggle speed for each survivor in the dying state (with 2 or more people dying) per second after 5 seconds. Up to a 50% increase. Maybe cut it in half every time a person is hooked and reset when only 1 person is dying. This is basically making it so that if 2+ people are left in the dying state for an extended period of time the killer is punished. It wouldn't even work well with less than 4 people and not at all with 2. And this could still be countered w/ Iron Grip.

I get it might be the "right" choice sometimes, but something like this would make people use it more wisely instead of an 'Old Reliable' deal. I don't want this to be some OP passive thing that makes survivors crazy good I just want it to be a more tactical decision on the killers part.

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  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,309

    Slugging is a much needed tactic for the killer's arsenal. You already have tenacity, unbreakable, no mither and flip flop as reliable counters. You literally need nothing else. It is more often than not the right choice once you get to higher level play. Just learn the game thoroughly instead of trying to strip tactics away from killers.

  • MunixMunix Member Posts: 24
    edited July 2019

    Those perks are ONLY good as counters to slugging. Other than that are useless in every other aspect of the game. instead of tying up a perk slot to counter slugging they should just put in a passive mechanic. And slugging is not "a much needed tactic" IMO, but you're entitled to your opinion.

    P.S. my idea on this mechanic is not set in stone on how I think it should work. Making it not take effect until.. 10 seconds could be more fair. Or not even starting until 2 people are in dying?

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065

    Slugging IS needed. If you don't slug, and you got a 2k, the other one is almost guaranteed the hatch. If you are having a problem WITH SLUGGING specifically, you should bring an anti-slug perk. Also this is not like camping a hook, because you can leave the slugged survivor to look for the other one, and be healed off the ground. Survivors DO have aura reading of slugged survivors, unless the killer brings a specific perk to counter that aura reading. I've slugged countless times, and that does nothing to stop survivors. Sometimes I will find 2 near each other, slug one, go after the other, and come back to the other two both healing that slugged survivor. There are counters, your team(or you in the case of anti-slug perks) just needs to be efficient at using them.

  • MunixMunix Member Posts: 24
    edited July 2019

    I don't think they're guaranteed the hatch by any means. The killer usually explores the map freely and would be more likely to find it/know where it is. Yes I know that people can be picked up from dying, but that's a lot harder to pull off outside of SWF; mainly due to people wanting to survive for that 5k bp, and leaving your butt in the dust. And I didn't say to remove slugging from the game... I just want it to be a more tactical decision. Are people even reading my post? I'm purely talking wiggle speed when multiple people are slugged. It's not that overpowered of a concept.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065
    edited July 2019

    @Munix The problem is you already have a wiggle progression increase in flip flop. You have unbreakable, and no mither, and even tenacity. Also again, it is NOT hard. Every time I've been slugged and left, I've been picked back up, unless it was just 2 of us left. I've also crawled to the hatch as the last survivor before. The only time slugging should be discouraged by in game mechanics is during the EGC, because that's just not fair to be forced to endure 3 minutes of crawling with the killer following you just to be a dick.

    As for the hatch not being "guaranteed". I said almost guaranteed. 90% of the time if he doesn't slug me and hooks the last survivor, I find the hatch because I get around 30 seconds or more of looking for it while he's chasing/downing/hooking the last survivor. Killers rely on the sound of the hatch as well, which doesn't happen until the next to last survivor dies.

  • MunixMunix Member Posts: 24

    And you're forcing people to take up a perk slot to counter something that shouldn't be a massive concern. They know its an issue and try to counter it with those perks. I think the real answer is to change these perks to something else and put something passively in game. I'm fully aware of those perks and their reasons for existing, but thanks for the heads up. You said "unless it was just 2 of us left". THAT'S MY PROBLEM. They're ruining the game with being dishonorable. Coaxing someone into acting as a team player, and baiting them into attempting to rescue another survivor. How is that fun for anyone? Should we all just leave the last 1-2 people behind and be selfish? Assuming the gens are even done and the gate is open. Do we not care if everyone is having fun as long as we are winning?

  • The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186

    So you want a perk that counters slugging AND more? That's like having BBQ reveal survivor AND blocking all generators for 16 seconds. Perks and styles of gameplay work in some ways and negate others, that's how it is and should remain. Nobody wants perks that counter more than one style.

  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 874
    edited July 2019

    DS, unbreakable, no mithers

    Pick one.

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  • ChesterTheMolesterChesterTheMolester Member Posts: 2,771

    How about Killers get all perks that counter unfun tactics into their base kits?

    Killers find looping not fun, Lets make BS, Spirit Fury and Enduring base kit.

    Killers also find the gen rush unfun, how about Ruin, Lullaby, Corrupt Intervention and PGTW in their base kits?

    Yes if you hate something use a perk to counter it.

  • MunixMunix Member Posts: 24

    Looping is about the only thing survivors have to do in a chase? so I don't see the comparison. Gen rushing usually only happens w/ SWF. I know it sucks for killers, but it's either you guys get a SWF that is coordinated or 4 solo players who are probably going to all die or only 1 person survives.. soo there's no happy medium there. deal with that like we deal with 1 hit downs and mori or save those for SWF :)

  • MunixMunix Member Posts: 24
    edited July 2019

    DS is kinda not great since most killers can tell you have it by way of obsession, and doesn't really work well unless you play reckless within that 60 second window to get it to go off (which is an even bigger heads up you have it). So killers just wait it out lol. No Mither isn't a great option cause you're constantly 1 hit down. And Unbreakable is prob the only half decent option.

  • MunixMunix Member Posts: 24

    In one of my replies before you commented I said I would prefer something like this in the game as a passive effect AND to change the anti slug perks into something else.

  • GrimGrim Member Posts: 250


    Completely unnecessary change.

    "Old Reliable" slugging, as you put it, is a great way to lose against even semi-competent teams for the same reason camping the hook is.

    Your change only affects smart slugging as it begins to punish the killer for snowballing which is just silly.

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    After 120seconds of slugging u can use unbreakable, this will end the bad experience

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,963

    @Munix "DS is kinda not great since most killers can tell you have it by way of obsession," dude do you even play the game?

    And i'm gonna repeat everyone here. There are perks that counter one specific thing. It's normal. See bamboozle. It only blocks a window. That's it.

    See deliverance. You can only use it once when on 1st hook. And then it's useless. Distortion. Only blocks Aura reading. Killer doesn't have any? Well bad luck

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