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DbD mobile is laggy af

DaS_onlyDaS_only Member Posts: 656

Just me? I think a have a decent phone, Xperia Z5. Not the knewest I know, but a flagship at his time and still doing his job in all other games I play on it (including Identiy V).

I wonder, is it really my phone beeing so bad?

First time playing I thought "wooow this is an extreme downgrade in graphics. Even Minecraft looks better". But it was lagging a lot, couldnt enjoy it at all. Why is DbD such a bad optimized game on all platforms? Its really weird.

Someone also noticed how big the game on steam is? I mean, calm down devs. Maps and stuff arent even that big and rich of content, Other games can handle way less space (Dark Souls for example, HUGE world, probably 10x bigger than all maps combined of DbD with a lot of different enemies, weapons, armor etc and even after installing high resolution 4k texture mods its still running smooth without using much space)


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